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Chinese Tools

Some Chinese related things. (Yes, things...)

##chengyu.txt The file contains a chengyu for each line. The chengyus comes from the txt file from this webpage's download. The original file has more detailed descriptions.


Pick a chengyu with "日" as one of the characters, and highlight it with quotes.

sed -n 's/日/"日"/p' chengyu.txt | sort --random-sort | head -n 1

Output: 出头之"日"

Note: sort --random-sort doesn't work on machines without gnu-coreutils.

节操尽失. This program will break the input Chinese characters into radicals if the corresponding ideographic description character is ⿰ or ⿲.

The library requires cjklib, and of course, python 2.7 or above. The code is ugly, because it's not Haskell.


./ 你好吗Pepper~

Output: 亻尔女子口马Pepper~