A foursquare-powered welcome screen to display check-ins at a venue. Written in Java for the Google App Engine, using Foursquare's Push API.
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Foursquare-powered Welcome Screen

This is the code for a foursquare-powered welcome screen for any venue. It is written in Java for Google App Engine. Feel free to use it as an example of how to interact with the foursquare push API, or just use it because it's a pretty rad welcome screen (we have it set up at the foursquare office).

This project running

To get it set up for your own venue:

  1. Fork or download this code.

  2. Get a Google App Engine account and make a new application.

  3. Get a foursquare account and make a new oauth consumer (at foursquare.com/oauth)

  4. Update the appengine-web.xml file with your new application id.

  5. Update the com.foursquare.example.push.util.Common file with your new foursquare consumer's information. While there, also update this file with the venue you want to track.

    (Note: You can only track a foursquare venue if you manage it, or it is your home and you created it.)

  6. Upload the code to your App Engine account, and it should work out of the box!