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Greasing Ethiopia’s Payment Infrastructure.


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What can you do with Chapa?

What's currently keeping us busy?

  • 🌱 Israel is currently learning more about Human brains, So feel free to collab with him about AI!
  • 👯 We are open to collaborate on ML and Fintech projects with specific department.
  • 💬 Ask us about anything at info [at] chapa [dot] co, we are happy to help.

Fun Fact!

  • 🍿 At Chapa we eat Injera 5 days a week!

Want to be a part of the team?

  • 📫 You can reach us at: info [at] chapa [dot] co


  1. This is an open-source project for downloading free, high-quality vector logos of Ethiopian companies.

    SCSS 20 14

  2. chapa-java Public

    Forked from yaphet17/chapa-java

    Chapa API for Java based web apps

    Java 10 1

  3. Forked from chapimenge3/chapa

    Unofficial Python SDK for Chapa API.

    Python 5 5

  4. Forked from Kidus363/chapa-laravel

    Official laravel package for Chapa's Payment api.

    PHP 5 3


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