Git Implementation in Objective-C
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Objective Git

This is a implementation of Git in Objective-C, for embedding in Cocoa
and iPhone applications.

Initially, it is meant to provide basic read and write access to loose 
and packed objects, and to provide an input stream handler that can negotiate 
the server side of the git client/server protocol.


The only strict requirement is an Objective-C 2.0 compiler.  The code in 'src'
is compatible with both OS X (>= 10.5.x) and iPhone platforms.  For convenience, 
you can build an OS X framework in either Xcode or from the command line using [nuke][],
which is part of [Nu][]. The preliminary test suite is written in [Nu][], but 
this may change in the future.


A bit of this code is borrowed from the Git.git project and the NSData 
compression stuff was borrowed from the Etoile framework.

Scott Chacon