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OpenCart Docker

This repository should make it super simple to run Opencart in docker containers.


  1. Firstly, create a project folder and place the OpenCart files insde there.

  2. Add the opencart-docker files: - if you are using Git already you could add it as a submodule:

       $ git submodule add
- if not, either copy the files or clone into the project directory:

        $ git clone
  1. It should look a bit like this:

     |-- project-root
     |   |-- opencart-docker
     |   |-- tests
     |   |-- upload
     |   |-- vendor
     |   |-- build.xml
     |   |--
     |   |-- etc...
  2. Copy the .env-example to .env and make any changes to the environment variables that you want.

     $ cp .env-example .env
  3. Now, in the opencart-docker folder, we want run it and serve Opencart. The simplest way is:

     $ docker-compose up -d apache mysql
  4. Finally we need to be able to access the site. access with https://localhost OR. We need to put the docker ip address into the HOSTS file. Simple. Docker is native so open /etc/hosts and add