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Cray Inc. and the Chapel open-source community are pleased to announce
the release of version 1.16.0 of the Chapel Compiler. Please see the
CHANGES.md file for release highlights and notes. Full
instructions for downloading and installing Chapel are on the Chapel
. Download the source release, chapel-1.16.0-1.tar.gz,
to get started. (Note: this is an update to the original
chapel-1.16.0.tar.gz tar archive, which failed to include support
for ./configure-based Chapel installation. chapel-1.16.0-1.tar.gz
will create subdirectory chapel-1.16.0 when expanded with tar.)

8a12c0a90d7fbef5d2bc969a578e58f6d2619f501a76fe470f80762e2fb0386e  chapel-1.16.0-1.tar.gz (sha256)