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os = require 'os'
ngist = require './ngist'
{exec} = require 'child_process'
opt = require('optimist').argv
run = ->
# Set args to the appropriate values
opt._ = null if opt._.length is 0 = or opt.h
opt.clip = opt.clip or opt.c
opt.desc = opt.desc or opt.d
opt.private = opt.private or opt.p
opt.user = opt.user or opt.u
opt.token = opt.token or opt.t
opt.out = opt.out or opt.o
# Return help message if -h or --help is set
return console.log '''
Usage: ngist [file.js file2.js ...] [options]
-h, --help Display this help page
-c, --clip Use clipboard content
ex: ngist [file.js] -c file.js
-d, --desc Set description of gist
ex: ngist file.js -d 'Description'
-u, --user Github username
-t, --token Github API token |
ex: ngist file.js -u username -t token
-p, --private Make gist private
-o, --out Copy gist url to clipboard
[How to set user/token with git config]
Once you get your Github API token from
If you set your Github username and API token using these steps, ngist will
automatically gather them and authenticate for you.
Run these two commands:
git config --add github.user [github_username]
git config --add github.token [github_api_token]
To verify that they have been set, use:
git config --get github.[user/token]
if opt._ and opt.clip
ngist.files opt._, (err, files) ->
spit_error err if err
get_clip (clip) ->
files = files.concat clip
else if opt._
ngist.files opt._, (err, files) ->
spit_error err if err
else if opt.clip
get_clip (clip) ->
next clip
spit_error 'You must set file(s) and/or a clip from the clipboard (-c)'
next = (files) ->
if opt.user and opt.token
finish files, opt.user, opt.token
else if (opt.user and not opt.token) or (opt.token and not opt.user)
spit_error 'Both user (-u) and token (-t) must be set if you wish to login'
get_creds files
finish = (files, user, token) ->
if opt.desc or opt.private or (user and token)
options = {}
options = null
options.private = true if opt.private
options.description = opt.desc if opt.desc
options.user = user if user
options.token = token if token
ngist.send files, options, (err, url) ->
spit_error err if err
set_clip url if opt.out
console.log "Gist: #{url}"
get_creds = (files) ->
keys = ['get', 'system', 'global', 'simple']
serial keys, (key, i, _next) ->
exec "git config --#{key} github.user", (err, stdout, stderr) ->
unless err
user = stdout.replace("\n", "")
exec "git config --#{key} github.token", (err, stdout, stderr) ->
unless err
token = stdout.replace("\n", "")
return finish files, user, token
, ->
console.log "For instructions on how to authenticate your gists: ngist -h"
return finish files, null, null
set_clip = (url) ->
switch os.type()
when 'Darwin' then clipboard = "echo #{url} | pbcopy"
when 'Linux' then clipboard = "echo #{url} | xclip"
exec clipboard, (err, stdout) ->
spit_error 'Problem sending url to clipboard' if err
get_clip = (callback) ->
clip = []
switch os.type()
when 'Darwin' then clipboard = 'pbpaste'
when 'Linux' then clipboard = 'xclip -out -selection clipboard'
exec clipboard, (err, stdout) ->
spit_error 'Nothing in clipboard' if stdout == ''
spit_error 'Problem getting contents of clipboard' if err
name: opt.clip
contents: stdout
callback clip
spit_error = (err) ->
console.error "#{err}\nFor more help see: ngist -h"
process.exit 1
serial = (array, iterator, next) ->
cycle = (i) ->
if i < array.length
iterator array[i], i, ->
cycle i+1
cycle 0