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Social value orientation measure

(Murphy, Ackermann, Handgraaf, 2011)


If you use this code please cite:

How to use/Description

This is a prototype of Social value orientation measure in oTree.

It uses a set of Dictator-like decisions, that defines the measure of prosociality of the subject. Please, read more at the author's (Ryan Murphy) page here.

The specific values of SVO are taken from SVO file and are stored in svo_choices.csv file in a root directory.

The app consists of two pages: SVO itself and the Results page. At the Results page the SVO angle is shown using Highcharts.

The corresponding SVO angle and type are stored in a Player's model, in fields svo_angle and svo_type.

The answers for specific items are stored in a separate model SVO linked to each particular player. The answers are dumped to Player's model (for export) to a field dump_answer as a list of triplets:

(item id; ego value; alter value; order shown),

where ego value is the decision 'You receive', alter value is the decision 'Other receives' for each individual SVO item. item id is a number as they are listed in Murphy et al. paper. and order shown is an order in which this item was shown to the participant

The order in which the items are shown is randomized by default. You can change that in settings. An example of settings:

        'name': 'svofull',
        'display_name': 'SVO Measure. Full version (15 items)',
        'num_demo_participants': 1,
        'app_sequence': ['svo'],
        'random_order': True,
        'secondary': True,
        'items_per_page': 1,
  • random_order defines randomization. The order in which it is shown is SVO.showing_order field. Default: random

  • secondary defines whether the full (15 items) or primary version of SVO will be shown. Default: primary

  • items_per_page How many items per pages are shown (see below). Default: 1

Changing the number of items shown on the page

you can change the number of items shown per page, by setting items_per_page setting in By default (if nothing is set), only one item is shown. When a participant clicks 'Next' the next item is shown etc., until they are exhausted.


social value orientation (R.Murphy)






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