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'use strict'
Backbone = require 'backbone'
utils = require './lib/utils'
# Mediator
# --------
# The mediator is a simple object all other modules use to communicate
# with each other. It implements the Publish/Subscribe pattern.
# Additionally, it holds objects which need to be shared between modules.
# In this case, a `user` property is created for getting the user object
# and a `setUser` method for setting the user.
# This module returns the singleton object. This is the
# application-wide mediator you might load into modules
# which need to talk to other modules using Publish/Subscribe.
# Start with a simple object
mediator = {}
# Publish / Subscribe
# -------------------
# Mixin event methods from Backbone.Events,
# create Publish/Subscribe aliases.
mediator.subscribe = mediator.on = Backbone.Events.on
mediator.subscribeOnce = mediator.once = Backbone.Events.once
mediator.unsubscribe = =
mediator.publish = mediator.trigger = Backbone.Events.trigger
# Initialize an empty callback list so we might seal the mediator later.
mediator._callbacks = null
# Request / Response
# --–---------------
# Like pub / sub, but with one handler. Similar to OOP message passing.
handlers = mediator._handlers = {}
# Sets a handler function for requests.
mediator.setHandler = (name, method, instance) ->
handlers[name] = {instance, method}
# Retrieves a handler function and executes it.
mediator.execute = (options, args...) ->
if options and typeof options is 'object'
{name, silent} = options
name = options
handler = handlers[name]
if handler
handler.method.apply handler.instance, args
else if not silent
throw new Error "mediator.execute: #{name} handler is not defined"
# Removes handlers from storage.
# Can take no args, list of handler names or instance which had bound handlers.
mediator.removeHandlers = (instanceOrNames) ->
unless instanceOrNames
mediator._handlers = {}
if Array.isArray instanceOrNames
for name in instanceOrNames
delete handlers[name]
for name, handler of handlers when handler.instance is instanceOrNames
delete handlers[name]
# Sealing the mediator
# --------------------
# After adding all needed properties, you should seal the mediator
# using this method.
mediator.seal = ->
# Prevent extensions and make all properties non-configurable.
Object.seal mediator
# Make properties readonly.
utils.readonly mediator,
'subscribe', 'subscribeOnce', 'unsubscribe', 'publish',
'setHandler', 'execute', 'removeHandlers', 'seal'
# Return our creation.
module.exports = mediator
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