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define [
], (Chaplin, CollectionView, CompactLikeView, template) ->
'use strict'
class LikesView extends CollectionView
# Save the template string in a prototype property.
# This is overwritten with the compiled template function.
# In the end you might want to used precompiled templates.
template: template
template = null
tagName: 'div' # This is not directly a list but contains a list
id: 'likes'
# Automatically append to the DOM on render
container: '#content-container'
# Append the item views to this element
listSelector: 'ol'
# Fallback content selector
fallbackSelector: '.fallback'
# Loading indicator selector
loadingSelector: '.loading'
initialize: ->
super # Will render the list itself and all items
@subscribeEvent 'loginStatus', @showHideLoginNote
# The most important method a class derived from CollectionView
# must overwrite.
getView: (item) ->
# Instantiate an item view
new CompactLikeView model: item
# Show/hide a login appeal if not logged in
showHideLoginNote: ->
@$('.login-note').css 'display',
if Chaplin.mediator.user then 'none' else 'block'
render: ->