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"""Perform quality score recalibration with the GATK toolkit.
Corrects read quality scores post-alignment to provide improved estimates of
error rates based on alignments to the reference genome.
import os
import shutil
from contextlib import closing
import pysam
from bcbio import broad
from bcbio.log import logger
from bcbio.utils import curdir_tmpdir, file_exists
from bcbio.distributed.split import parallel_split_combine
from bcbio.distributed.transaction import file_transaction
from bcbio.pipeline.shared import (configured_ref_file, process_bam_by_chromosome,
subset_bam_by_region, write_nochr_reads)
from bcbio.variation.realign import has_aligned_reads
def prep_recal(data):
"""Perform a GATK recalibration of the sorted aligned BAM, producing recalibrated BAM.
if data["config"]["algorithm"].get("recalibrate", True):"Recalibrating %s with GATK" % str(data["name"]))
ref_file = data["sam_ref"]
config = data["config"]
dbsnp_file = configured_ref_file("dbsnp", config, ref_file)
broad_runner = broad.runner_from_config(config)
platform = config["algorithm"]["platform"]
broad_runner.run_fn("picard_index_ref", ref_file)
if config["algorithm"].get("mark_duplicates", True):
(dup_align_bam, _) = broad_runner.run_fn("picard_mark_duplicates", data["work_bam"],
dup_align_bam = data["work_bam"]
broad_runner.run_fn("picard_index", dup_align_bam)
intervals = config["algorithm"].get("variant_regions", None)
data["work_bam"] = dup_align_bam
data["prep_recal"] = _gatk_base_recalibrator(broad_runner, dup_align_bam, ref_file,
platform, dbsnp_file, intervals)
return [[data]]
# ## Identify recalibration information
def _get_downsample_pct(runner, in_bam):
"""Calculate a downsampling percent to use for large BAM files.
Large whole genome BAM files take an excessively long time to recalibrate and
the extra inputs don't help much beyond a certain point. See the 'Downsampling analysis'
plots in the GATK documentation:
This identifies large files and calculates the fraction to downsample to.
target_counts = 1e8 # 100 million reads per read group, 20x the plotted max
total = sum(x.aligned for x in runner.run_fn("picard_idxstats", in_bam))
with closing(pysam.Samfile(in_bam, "rb")) as work_bam:
n_rgs = max(1, len(work_bam.header["RG"]))
rg_target = n_rgs * target_counts
if total > rg_target:
return float(rg_target) / float(total)
def _gatk_base_recalibrator(broad_runner, dup_align_bam, ref_file, platform,
dbsnp_file, intervals):
"""Step 1 of GATK recalibration process, producing table of covariates.
out_file = "%s.grp" % os.path.splitext(dup_align_bam)[0]
plot_file = "%s-plots.pdf" % os.path.splitext(dup_align_bam)[0]
if not file_exists(out_file):
if has_aligned_reads(dup_align_bam):
with curdir_tmpdir() as tmp_dir:
with file_transaction(out_file) as tx_out_file:
params = ["-T", "BaseRecalibrator",
"-o", tx_out_file,
"--plot_pdf_file", plot_file,
"-I", dup_align_bam,
"-R", ref_file,
downsample_pct = _get_downsample_pct(broad_runner, dup_align_bam)
if downsample_pct:
params += ["--downsample_to_fraction", str(downsample_pct),
"--downsampling_type", "ALL_READS"]
# GATK-lite does not have support for
# insertion/deletion quality modeling
if not broad_runner.has_gatk_full():
params += ["--disable_indel_quals"]
if dbsnp_file:
params += ["--knownSites", dbsnp_file]
if intervals:
params += ["-L", intervals, "--interval_set_rule", "INTERSECTION"]
broad_runner.run_gatk(params, tmp_dir)
with open(out_file, "w") as out_handle:
out_handle.write("# No aligned reads")
return out_file
# ## Create recalibrated BAM
def parallel_write_recal_bam(xs, parallel_fn):
"""Rewrite a recalibrated BAM file in parallel, working off each chromosome.
to_process = []
finished = []
for x in xs:
if x[0]["config"]["algorithm"].get("recalibrate", True):
if len(to_process) > 0:
file_key = "work_bam"
split_fn = process_bam_by_chromosome("-gatkrecal.bam", file_key,
processed = parallel_split_combine(to_process, split_fn, parallel_fn,
"write_recal_bam", "combine_bam",
file_key, ["config"])
# Save diskspace from original to recalibrated
#save_diskspace(data["work_bam"], "Recalibrated to %s" % recal_bam,
# data["config"])
return finished
def write_recal_bam(data, region=None, out_file=None):
"""Step 2 of GATK recalibration -- use covariates to re-write output file.
config = data["config"]
if out_file is None:
out_file = "%s-gatkrecal.bam" % os.path.splitext(data["work_bam"])[0]"Writing recalibrated BAM for %s to %s" % (data["name"], out_file))
if region == "nochr":
out_bam = write_nochr_reads(data["work_bam"], out_file)
out_bam = _run_recal_bam(data["work_bam"], data["prep_recal"],
region, data["sam_ref"], out_file, config)
data["work_bam"] = out_bam
return [data]
def _run_recal_bam(dup_align_bam, recal_file, region, ref_file, out_file, config):
"""Run BAM recalibration with the given input
if not file_exists(out_file):
if _recal_available(recal_file):
broad_runner = broad.runner_from_config(config)
intervals = config["algorithm"].get("variant_regions", None)
with curdir_tmpdir() as tmp_dir:
with file_transaction(out_file) as tx_out_file:
params = ["-T", "PrintReads",
"-BQSR", recal_file,
"-R", ref_file,
"-I", dup_align_bam,
"--out", tx_out_file,
if region:
params += ["-L", region]
if intervals:
params += ["-L", intervals]
if params and intervals:
params += ["--interval_set_rule", "INTERSECTION"]
broad_runner.run_gatk(params, tmp_dir)
elif region:
subset_bam_by_region(dup_align_bam, region, out_file)
shutil.copy(dup_align_bam, out_file)
return out_file
def _recal_available(recal_file):
"""Determine if it's possible to do a recalibration; do we have data?
if os.path.exists(recal_file):
with open(recal_file) as in_handle:
while 1:
line =
if not line.startswith("#"):
test_line =
if test_line and not test_line.startswith("EOF"):
return True
return False