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"""Provide access to servers running Intermine web services.
Intermine is a open source database used for holding experimental data from a
number of model organisms. For instance, the modENCODE project makes their data
available at modMine:
Queries to do:
- by lab, affiliation, PI name
import string
import unittest
import StringIO
import urllib, urllib2
from xml.etree import ElementTree as et
import numpy
class Intermine:
"""Provide query based access to data through Intermine web services.
def __init__(self, base_url):
self._base = "%s/query/service/query/results" % base_url
def _do_query(self, query):
#print query
req = urllib2.Request(self._base,
response = urllib2.urlopen(req)
vals = []
for line in response:
parts = line.split('\t')
parts[-1] = parts[-1].strip()
return vals
def search(self, builder):
"""Query intermine and return results based on the provided builder.
# build our filter statements
nodes = []
constraints = []
i = 0
for filter_group in builder.filters:
group_names = []
for fname, fval in filter_group:
name = string.uppercase[i]
node = et.Element("node", path=fname, type="String")
et.SubElement(node, "constraint",
value=fval, code=name)
i += 1
constraints.append("(%s)" % " or ".join(group_names))
# now build the query
query = et.Element('query', model="genomic",
view=" ".join(builder.attributes),
constraintLogic=" and ".join(constraints))
for node in nodes:
# serialize and send
query_handle = StringIO.StringIO()
vals = self._do_query(query_handle.getvalue())
term_names = builder.get_out_names()
return numpy.core.records.array(vals, names=",".join(term_names))
class _AbstractBuilder:
"""Base class to derive specific query builders from.
def __init__(self, paths):
"""Provide an initial set of standard items of interest.
paths is a dictionary of object paths to the base class
of various items. Common retrieval items are automatically added
for retrieval and selection.
self._paths = paths
self._names = {
"submission_id" : self._path("submission", "DCCid"),
"organism": self._path("organism", "name"),
"submission_title" : self._path("submission", "title"),
"experiment_name" : self._path("experiment", "name"),
self._back_map = None
self.attributes = []
self.filters = []
def _get_back_map(self):
if self._back_map is None:
self._back_map = {}
for key, val in self._names.items():
self._back_map[val] = key
return self._back_map
def get_compare_op(self, out_name):
"""Define comparison operations for different types of values.
This contains useful operations for various data types.
back_map = self._get_back_map()
name = back_map[out_name]
if name == "start":
return ">"
elif name == "end":
return "<"
return "CONTAINS"
def _path(self, name, attribute):
return "%s%s" % (self._paths[name], attribute)
def get_out_names(self):
back_map = self._get_back_map()
return [back_map[n] for n in self.attributes]
def available_attributes(self):
return self._names.keys()
def add_attributes(self, names):
if not isinstance(names, (list, tuple)):
names = [names]
for name in names:
def add_filter(self, *args):
if len(args) == 1 and isinstance(args[0], (list, tuple)):
name_vals = args[0]
elif len(args) == 2:
name_vals = [args]
raise ValueError("Need a name and value or list of name values")
filter_group = []
for name, val in name_vals:
# A ':' in the name indicates an optional attribute, while a '.'
# makes it required. All select fields are required to be present
# since we are selecting on them.
intermine_name = self._names[name]
self._names[name] = intermine_name.replace(":", ".")
if intermine_name.find(":") >= 0:
#to_swap = ".".join(intermine_name.split(".")[:-1])
to_swap = intermine_name.split(".")[0]
new_swap = to_swap.replace(":", ".")
# change the select in all of our default names
for sname, sval in self._names.items():
if sval.startswith(to_swap):
new_val = sval.replace(to_swap, new_swap)
self._names[sname] = new_val
# also swap it in anything we've added
for i, attr in enumerate(self.attributes):
if attr.startswith(to_swap):
self.attributes[i] = attr.replace(to_swap, new_swap)
filter_group.append((self._names[name], val))
class LocationQueryBuilder(_AbstractBuilder):
"""Retrieve data associated with a chromosomal region.
def __init__(self):
paths = {
"submission" : "LocatedSequenceFeature:submissions.",
"organism" : "LocatedSequenceFeature:organism.",
"experiment": "LocatedSequenceFeature:submissions.experiment",
_AbstractBuilder.__init__(self, paths)
"chromosome" : "",
"start" : "LocatedSequenceFeature:chromosomeLocation.start",
"end": "LocatedSequenceFeature:chromosomeLocation.end",
"strand": "LocatedSequenceFeature:chromosomeLocation.strand",
class SubmissionQueryBuilder(_AbstractBuilder):
"""Retrieve submissions based on specific submission properties.
def __init__(self):
paths = {
"submission" : "Submission:",
"organism" : "Submission:organism.",
"experiment": "Submission:experiment",
_AbstractBuilder.__init__(self, paths)
"antibody_name" : self._path("submission", ""),
"cell_line" : self._path("submission", ""),
"developmental_stage": self._path("submission",
class ExperimentQueryBuilder(_AbstractBuilder):
"""Provide a mechanism to build high level Experiment queries.
This uses Experiment as a base to perform queries against Itermine.
The general notion is high level experiment discovery.
def __init__(self):
paths = {
"submission" : "Experiment:project.submissions.",
"organism" : "Experiment:project.organisms.",
"experiment" : "Experiment.",
_AbstractBuilder.__init__(self, paths)
"project_name" : "",
"submission_description": self._path("submission", "description"),
"experiment_type": self._path("submission", "experimentType"),
def free_text_filter(self, search_val):
"""Provide a free text style search for the given value.
self.add_filter([("submission_description", search_val),
("experiment_type", search_val),
("submission_title", search_val)])
# --- Test Code
# Some example XML, for testing
q = """
<query name="" model="genomic" view=" Experiment.project.submissions.DCCid" constraintLogic="B and (A or C or D)">
<node path="" type="String">
<constraint op="=" value="Caenorhabditis elegans" description="" identifier="" code="B" extraValue="">
<node path="Experiment.project.submissions.description" type="String">
<constraint op="CONTAINS" value="ChIP-seq" description="" identifier="" code="A" extraValue="">
<node path="Experiment.project.submissions.experimentType" type="String">
<constraint op="=" value="ChIP-seq" description="" identifier="" code="C" extraValue="">
<node path="Experiment.project.submissions.title" type="String">
<constraint op="CONTAINS" value="ChIP-seq" description="" identifier="" code="D" extraValue="">
class IntermineTest(unittest.TestCase):
def setUp(self):
self._server = Intermine("")
def test_query(self):
"""Simple string based query with Intermine XML.
vals = self._server._do_query(q)
def test_filter_query(self):
"""Provide experiment filtering based on organism and keywords.
builder = ExperimentQueryBuilder()
"submission_id", "experiment_name"])
builder.add_filter("organism", "Caenorhabditis elegans")
table =
print table.dtype.names
print table
result = table[0]
print result['submission_id'], result['experiment_name']
def test_submission_query(self):
"""Retrieve submissions based on various details of the submission.
builder = SubmissionQueryBuilder()
"submission_title", "developmental_stage"])
builder.add_filter("organism", "Caenorhabditis elegans")
builder.add_filter("antibody_name", "H3K4me3")
table =
print table.dtype.names
print table
def test_location_query(self):
"""Retrieve submissions with data in particular chromosome locations.
builder = LocationQueryBuilder()
builder.add_filter("organism", "Caenorhabditis elegans")
builder.add_filter("chromosome", "I")
builder.add_filter("start", "5000")
builder.add_filter("end", "20000")
table =
print table.dtype.names
print table