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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Provide topGO analysis of overrepresented GO annotation terms in a dataset.
Usage: <input CVS> <gene to GO file>
from __future__ import with_statement
import sys
import csv
import collections
import rpy2.robjects as robjects
def main(input_csv, gene_to_go_file):
gene_pval = 1e-2
go_pval = 0.2
go_term_type = "MF"
topgo_method = "classic" # choice of classic, elim, weight
with open(input_csv) as in_handle:
genes_w_pvals = parse_input_csv(in_handle)
with open(gene_to_go_file) as in_handle:
gene_to_go, go_to_gene = parse_go_map_file(in_handle, genes_w_pvals)
if len(gene_to_go) == 0:
raise ValueError("No GO terms match to input genes. "
"Check that the identifiers between the input and GO file match.")
go_terms = run_topGO(genes_w_pvals, gene_to_go, go_term_type,
gene_pval, go_pval, topgo_method)
print_go_info(go_terms, go_term_type, go_to_gene)
def print_go_info(go_terms, go_term_type, go_to_gene):
for final_pval, go_id, go_term in go_terms:
genes = []
for check_go in [go_id] + get_go_children(go_id, go_term_type):
genes.extend(go_to_gene.get(check_go, []))
genes = sorted(list(set(genes)))
print "-> %s (%s) : %0.4f" % (go_id, go_term, final_pval)
for g in genes:
print g
def get_go_children(go_term, go_term_type):
"""Retrieve all more specific GO children from a starting GO term.
child_map = robjects.r["GO%sCHILDREN" % (go_term_type)]
children = []
to_check = [go_term]
while len(to_check) > 0:
new_children = []
for check_term in to_check:
new_children.extend(list(robjects.r.get(check_term, child_map)))
new_children = list(set([c for c in new_children if c]))
to_check = new_children
children = list(set(children))
return children
def _dict_to_namedvector(init_dict):
"""Call R to create a named vector from an input dictionary.
return robjects.r.c(**init_dict)
def run_topGO(gene_vals, gene_to_go, go_term_type, gene_pval, go_pval,
"""Run topGO, returning a list of pvalues and terms of interest.
# run topGO with our GO and gene information
topDiffGenes = function(allScore) {
return (allScore < %s)
''' % gene_pval)
params = {"ontology" : go_term_type,
"annot" : robjects.r["annFUN.gene2GO"],
"geneSelectionFun" : robjects.r["topDiffGenes"],
"allGenes" : _dict_to_namedvector(gene_vals),
"gene2GO" : _dict_to_namedvector(gene_to_go)
go_data ="topGOdata", **params)
results = robjects.r.runTest(go_data, algorithm=topgo_method,
scores = robjects.r.score(results)
num_summarize = min(100, len(scores.names))
# extract term names from the topGO summary dataframe
results_table = robjects.r.GenTable(go_data, elimFisher=results,
orderBy="elimFisher", topNodes=num_summarize)
print results_table
ids_to_terms = dict()
for index, go_id in enumerate(results_table[GO_ID_INDEX]):
ids_to_terms[go_id] = results_table[TERM_INDEX][index]
go_terms = []
# convert the scores and results information info terms to return
for index, item in enumerate(scores):
if item < go_pval:
go_id = scores.names[index]
go_terms.append((item, go_id, ids_to_terms.get(go_id, "")))
return go_terms
def parse_go_map_file(in_handle, genes_w_pvals):
gene_list = genes_w_pvals.keys()
gene_to_go = collections.defaultdict(list)
go_to_gene = collections.defaultdict(list)
for line in in_handle:
parts = line.split("\t")
gene_id = parts[0]
go_id = parts[1].strip()
if gene_id in gene_list:
return dict(gene_to_go), dict(go_to_gene)
def parse_input_csv(in_handle):
reader = csv.reader(in_handle) # header
all_genes = dict()
for (gene_name, _, _, pval) in reader:
all_genes[gene_name] = float(pval)
return all_genes
if __name__ == "__main__":
if len(sys.argv) != 3:
print __doc__
main(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2])
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