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"""Prioritization scheme for identifying follow up variants in tumor-only samples.
Generalizes the filtering scheme used in VarDict post-processing:
The goal is to build up a standard set of prioritization filters based on known
data. Uses GEMINI to load a database of variants with associated third party
query information. Makes use of ExAC, dbSNP, 1000 genomes, clinvar, cosmic and
effects annotations. The general idea is to prioritize deleterious variants
missing or present at a low frequency in the population, or secondarily identified
in external databases like COSMIC and ClinVar.
import csv
import toolz as tz
from bcbio import utils
from bcbio.bam import ref
from bcbio.distributed.transaction import file_transaction
from bcbio.pipeline import datadict as dd
from bcbio.provenance import do
from bcbio.variation import population, vcfutils
def handle_vcf_calls(vcf_file, data, orig_items):
"""Prioritize VCF calls based on external annotations supplied through GEMINI.
if not _do_prioritize(orig_items):
return vcf_file
if population.do_db_build(orig_items):
gemini_db = population.create_gemini_db_orig(vcf_file, data)
if gemini_db:
priority_file = _prep_priority_filter(gemini_db, data)
return _apply_priority_filter(vcf_file, priority_file, data)
# No GEMINI database for filtering, return original file
return vcf_file
def _apply_priority_filter(in_file, priority_file, data):
"""Annotate variants with priority information and use to apply filters.
out_file = "%s-priority%s" % utils.splitext_plus(in_file)
if not utils.file_exists(out_file):
with file_transaction(data, out_file) as tx_out_file:
header = ('##INFO=<ID=EPR,Number=.,Type=String,'
'Description="Prioritization based on external annotations">')
header_file = "%s-repeatheader.txt" % utils.splitext_plus(tx_out_file)[0]
with open(header_file, "w") as out_handle:
cmd = ("bcftools annotate -a {priority_file} -h {header_file} "
"-c CHROM,FROM,TO,REF,ALT,INFO/EPR {in_file} | "
"bcftools filter -m '+' -s 'LowPriority' "
"""-e "EPR[*] != 'pass'" | bgzip -c > {tx_out_file}""")**locals()), "Run external annotation based prioritization filtering")
vcfutils.bgzip_and_index(out_file, data["config"])
return out_file
def _hg19_to_GRCh37(chrom):
"""Cheap and ugly conversion from hg19 to GRCh37 contigs.
if chrom == "chrM":
return "MT"
return chrom.replace("chr", "")
def _prep_priority_filter(gemini_db, data):
"""Prepare tabix indexed file with priority based filters and supporting information
from gemini.GeminiQuery import GeminiQuery
out_file = "%s-priority.tsv" % utils.splitext_plus(gemini_db)[0]
if not utils.file_exists(out_file) and not utils.file_exists(out_file + ".gz"):
ref_chroms = set([ for x in ref.file_contigs(dd.get_ref_file(data), data["config"])])
with file_transaction(data, out_file) as tx_out_file:
gq = GeminiQuery(gemini_db)
pops = ["aaf_esp_ea", "aaf_esp_aa", "aaf_esp_all", "aaf_1kg_amr", "aaf_1kg_eas",
"aaf_1kg_sas", "aaf_1kg_afr", "aaf_1kg_eur", "aaf_1kg_all", "aaf_adj_exac_all",
"aaf_adj_exac_afr", "aaf_adj_exac_amr", "aaf_adj_exac_eas", "aaf_adj_exac_fin",
"aaf_adj_exac_nfe", "aaf_adj_exac_oth", "aaf_adj_exac_sas"]
attrs = ("chrom, start, end, ref, alt, impact_so, impact_severity, in_dbsnp, "
"cosmic_ids, clinvar_sig, clinvar_origin, fitcons, gt_ref_depths, gt_alt_depths").split(", ")"SELECT %s FROM variants" % ", ".join(attrs + pops))
sidx = gq.sample_to_idx[dd.get_sample_name(data)]
header = attrs[:5] + ["filter"] + attrs[5:-2] + [x for x in pops if x.endswith("_all")] + ["freq"]
with open(tx_out_file, "w") as out_handle:
writer = csv.writer(out_handle, dialect="excel-tab")
cheader = header[:]
cheader[0] = "#" + cheader[0]
for row in gq:
ref_depth = tz.get_in(["gt_ref_depths", sidx], row, 0)
alt_depth = tz.get_in(["gt_alt_depths", sidx], row, 0)
out_vals = dict(row.row)
out_vals["freq"] = "%.2f" % (float(alt_depth) / float(ref_depth + alt_depth))
except ZeroDivisionError:
out_vals["freq"] = "0.00"
out_vals["filter"] = _calc_priority_filter(row, pops)
if out_vals["chrom"] not in ref_chroms and _hg19_to_GRCh37(out_vals["chrom"]) in ref_chroms:
out_vals["chrom"] = _hg19_to_GRCh37(out_vals["chrom"])
out = [out_vals[x] for x in header]
return vcfutils.bgzip_and_index(out_file, data["config"],
tabix_args="-0 -c '#' -s 1 -b 2 -e 3")
def _calc_priority_filter(row, pops):
"""Calculate the priority filter based on external associated data.
- Pass high/medium impact variants not found in population databases
- Pass variants found in COSMIC or Clinvar provided they don't have two
additional reasons to filter (low severity or found in multiple external populations)
filters = []
passes = []
if row["impact_severity"] in ["LOW"]:
filters.extend(_known_populations(row, pops))
if len(filters) == 0 or (len(passes) > 0 and len(filters) < 2):
passes.insert(0, "pass")
return ",".join(passes + filters)
def _known_populations(row, pops):
"""Find variants present in substantial frequency in population databases.
cutoff = 0.01
out = set([])
for pop, base in [("esp", "aaf_esp"), ("1000g", "aaf_1kg"),
("exac", "aaf_adj_exac")]:
for key in [x for x in pops if x.startswith(base)]:
val = row[key]
if val and val > cutoff:
return sorted(list(out))
def _find_known(row):
"""Find variant present in known pathogenic databases.
out = []
clinvar_no = set(["unknown", "untested", "non-pathogenic", "probable-non-pathogenic"])
if row["cosmic_ids"]:
if (row["clinvar_sig"] and not row["clinvar_sig"] in clinvar_no):
return out
def _do_prioritize(items):
"""Determine if we should perform prioritization.
Currently done on tumor-only input samples.
if not any("tumoronly-prioritization" in dd.get_tools_off(d) for d in items):
if vcfutils.get_paired_phenotype(items[0]):
has_tumor = False
has_normal = False
for sub_data in items:
if vcfutils.get_paired_phenotype(sub_data) == "tumor":
has_tumor = True
elif vcfutils.get_paired_phenotype(sub_data) == "normal":
has_normal = True
return has_tumor and not has_normal