Access GenomeSpace data integration platform with simple Clojure API
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GenomeSpace with Clojure

This is a simple API to access GenomeSpace from Clojure using the Java CDK. This allows upload and download of files to GenomeSpace. GenomeSpace makes these files available to Galaxy, GenePattern and other tools.

The library is available from Clojars for inclusion in Leiningen managed projects.


Download Clojure libraries and the GenomeSpace CDK and start a REPL:

$ lein deps
$ lein repl

Usage, from the REPL:

user> (require '[clj-genomespace.core :as gs])
user> (def client (gs/get-client "chapmanb" :password "password"))
user> (gs/upload client "cdk-test" "/path/to/yourfile.vcf")
user> (gs/download client "cdk-test" "yourfile.vcf" ".")
user> (gs/list-dirs client ".")
user> (gs/list-files client "cdk-test" "vcf")


The code is freely available under the MIT license.