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"""Retrieve indexed genomes using Galaxy's rsync server resources.
from xml.etree import ElementTree
from fabric.api import *
from fabric.contrib.files import *
# ## Compatibility definitions
server = "rsync://"
index_map = {"bowtie": "bowtie_index",
"bowtie2": "bowtie2_index",
"bwa": "bwa_index",
"novoalign": "novoalign_index",
"ucsc": "seq",
"seq": "sam_index"}
org_remap = {"phix": "phiX",
"GRCh37": "hg_g1k_v37",
"araTha_tair9": "Arabidopsis_thaliana_TAIR9",
"araTha_tair10": "Arabidopsis_thaliana_TAIR10",
"WS210": "ce10",
"WS220": "ce10"}
galaxy_subdirs = ["", "/microbes"]
# ## Galaxy location files
class LocCols(object):
# Hold all possible .loc file column fields making sure the local
# variable names match column names in Galaxy's tool_data_table_conf.xml
def __init__(self, config, dbkey, file_path):
self.dbkey = dbkey
self.path = file_path
self.value = config.get("value", dbkey) = config.get("name", dbkey)
self.species = config.get('species', '')
self.index = config.get('index', 'index')
self.formats = config.get('index', 'fastqsanger')
self.dbkey1 = config.get('index', dbkey)
self.dbkey2 = config.get('index', dbkey)
def _get_tool_conf(tool_name):
Parse the tool_data_table_conf.xml from installed_files subfolder and extract
values for the 'columns' tag and 'path' parameter for the 'file' tag, returning
those as a dict.
tool_conf = {}
tdtc = ElementTree.parse(env.tool_data_table_conf_file)
tables = tdtc.getiterator('table')
for t in tables:
if tool_name in t.attrib.get('name', ''):
tool_conf['columns'] = t.find('columns').text.replace(' ', '').split(',')
tool_conf['file'] = t.find('file').attrib.get('path', '')
return tool_conf
def _build_galaxy_loc_line(dbkey, file_path, config, prefix, tool_name):
"""Prepare genome information to write to a Galaxy *.loc config file.
if tool_name:
str_parts = []
tool_conf = _get_tool_conf(tool_name)
loc_cols = LocCols(config, dbkey, file_path)
# Compose the .loc file line as str_parts list by looking for column values
# from the retrieved tool_conf (as defined in tool_data_table_conf.xml).
# Any column values required but missing in the tool_conf are
# supplemented by the defaults defined in LocCols class
for col in tool_conf.get('columns', []):
str_parts.append(config.get(col, getattr(loc_cols, col)))
str_parts = [dbkey, file_path]
if prefix:
str_parts.insert(0, prefix)
return str_parts
def update_loc_file(ref_file, line_parts):
"""Add a reference to the given genome to the base index file.
if getattr(env, "galaxy_home", None) is not None:
tools_dir = os.path.join(env.galaxy_home, "tool-data")
if not env.safe_exists(tools_dir):
env.safe_run("mkdir -p %s" % tools_dir)
dt_file = os.path.join(env.galaxy_home, "tool_data_table_conf.xml")
if not env.safe_exists(dt_file):
env.safe_put(env.tool_data_table_conf_file, dt_file)
add_str = "\t".join(line_parts)
with cd(tools_dir):
if not env.safe_exists(ref_file):
env.safe_run("touch %s" % ref_file)
if not env.safe_contains(ref_file, add_str):
env.safe_append(ref_file, add_str)
def prep_locs(gid, indexes, config):
"""Prepare Galaxy location files for all available indexes.
for ref_index_file, cur_index, prefix, tool_name in [
("sam_fa_indices.loc", indexes.get("seq", None), "", 'sam_fa_indexes'),
("picard_index.loc", indexes.get("seq", None), "", "picard_indexes"),
("gatk_sorted_picard_index.loc", indexes.get("seq", None), "", "gatk_picard_indexes"),
("alignseq.loc", indexes.get("ucsc", None), "seq", None),
("twobit.loc", indexes.get("ucsc", None), "", None),
("bowtie_indices.loc", indexes.get("bowtie", None), "", 'bowtie_indexes'),
("bowtie2_indices.loc", indexes.get("bowtie2", None), "", 'bowtie2_indexes'),
("mosaik_index.loc", indexes.get("mosaik", None), "", "mosaik_indexes"),
("bwa_index.loc", indexes.get("bwa", None), "", 'bwa_indexes'),
("novoalign_indices.loc", indexes.get("novoalign", None), "", "novoalign_indexes")]:
if cur_index:
str_parts = _build_galaxy_loc_line(gid, cur_index, config, prefix, tool_name)
update_loc_file(ref_index_file, str_parts)
# ## Finalize downloads
def index_picard(ref_file):
"""Provide a Picard style dict index file for a reference genome.
index_file = "%s.dict" % os.path.splitext(ref_file)[0]
if not env.safe_exists(index_file):
env.safe_run("picard -Xms500m -Xmx3500m CreateSequenceDictionary REFERENCE={ref} OUTPUT={out}"
.format(ref=ref_file, out=index_file))
return index_file
def _finalize_index_seq(fname):
"""Convert UCSC 2bit file into fasta file.
out_fasta = fname + ".fa"
if not env.safe_exists(out_fasta):
env.safe_run("twoBitToFa {base}.2bit {out}".format(
base=fname, out=out_fasta))
finalize_fns = {"ucsc": _finalize_index_seq,
"seq": index_picard}
def _finalize_index(idx, fname):
"""Perform final processing on an rsync'ed index file if necessary.
finalize_fn = finalize_fns.get(idx)
if finalize_fn:
# ## Retrieve data from Galaxy
def rsync_genomes(genome_dir, genomes, genome_indexes):
"""Top level entry point to retrieve rsync'ed indexes from Galaxy.
for gid in (x[1] for x in genomes):
galaxy_gid = org_remap.get(gid, gid)
indexes = _get_galaxy_genomes(galaxy_gid, genome_dir, genomes, genome_indexes)
_finalize_index("ucsc", indexes["ucsc"])
for idx, fname in indexes.iteritems():
_finalize_index(idx, fname)
prep_locs(galaxy_gid, indexes, {})
def _get_galaxy_genomes(gid, genome_dir, genomes, genome_indexes):
"""Retrieve the provided genomes and indexes from Galaxy rsync.
out = {}
org_dir = os.path.join(genome_dir, gid)
if not env.safe_exists(org_dir):
env.safe_run('mkdir -p %s' % org_dir)
for idx in genome_indexes:
galaxy_index_name = index_map.get(idx)
index_file = None
if galaxy_index_name:
index_file = _rsync_genome_index(gid, galaxy_index_name, org_dir)
if index_file:
out[idx] = index_file
print "Galaxy does not support {0} for {1}".format(idx, gid)
return out
def _rsync_genome_index(gid, idx, org_dir):
"""Retrieve index for a genome from rsync server, returning path to files.
idx_dir = os.path.join(org_dir, idx)
if not env.safe_exists(idx_dir):
org_rsync = None
for subdir in galaxy_subdirs:
test_rsync = "{server}/indexes{subdir}/{gid}/{idx}/".format(
server=server, subdir=subdir, gid=gid, idx=idx)
with quiet():
check_dir = env.safe_run("rsync --list-only {server}".format(server=test_rsync))
if check_dir.succeeded:
org_rsync = test_rsync
if org_rsync is None:
raise ValueError("Could not find genome %s on Galaxy rsync" % gid)
with quiet():
check_dir = env.safe_run("rsync --list-only {server}".format(server=org_rsync))
if check_dir.succeeded:
if not env.safe_exists(idx_dir):
env.safe_run('mkdir -p %s' % idx_dir)
with cd(idx_dir):
env.safe_run("rsync -avzP {server} {idx_dir}".format(server=org_rsync,
if env.safe_exists(idx_dir):
with quiet():
has_fa_ext = env.safe_run("ls {idx_dir}/{gid}.fa*".format(idx_dir=idx_dir,
ext = ".fa" if (has_fa_ext.succeeded and idx not in ["seq"]) else ""
return os.path.join(idx_dir, gid + ext)