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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Prepare combined VCF files of COSMIC resource for cancer variant calling.
This prepares the specified version and copies the updates into your bcbio installation
in the correct locations in the variation directory.
Because of licensing restrictions, download from COSMIC requires registration:
export COSMIC_USER=""
export COSMIC_PASS="cosmic_password"
bcbio_python <cosmic_version> </path/to/bcbio>
import os
import subprocess
import sys
import requests
from bcbio import utils
from bcbio.variation import vcfutils
def main(cosmic_version, bcbio_genome_dir):
work_dir = utils.safe_makedir(os.path.join(os.getcwd(), "cosmic-prep"))
for genome_build, bcbio_build, add_chr in [("GRCh37", "GRCh37", False), ("GRCh38", "hg38", True)]:
bcbio_base = os.path.join(bcbio_genome_dir, "genomes", "Hsapiens", bcbio_build)
if not os.path.exists(bcbio_base):
bcbio_ref = os.path.join(bcbio_base, "seq", "%s.fa" % bcbio_build)
sorted_inputs = []
for fname in get_cosmic_files(genome_build, cosmic_version):
sorted_inputs.append(sort_to_ref(fname, bcbio_ref, add_chr=add_chr))
out_dir = utils.safe_makedir(os.path.join("v%s" % cosmic_version, "bcbio_ready", bcbio_build))
out_file = os.path.join(out_dir, "cosmic.vcf.gz")
ready_cosmic = combine_cosmic(sorted_inputs, bcbio_ref, out_file)
variation_dir = utils.safe_makedir(os.path.join(bcbio_base, "variation"))
utils.copy_plus(ready_cosmic, os.path.join(variation_dir, os.path.basename(ready_cosmic)))
print("Created COSMIC v%s resource in %s" % (cosmic_version,
os.path.join(variation_dir, os.path.basename(ready_cosmic))))
if bcbio_build == "GRCh37":
bcbio_base = os.path.join(bcbio_genome_dir, "genomes", "Hsapiens", "hg19")
if not os.path.exists(bcbio_base):
out_dir = utils.safe_makedir(os.path.join("v%s" % cosmic_version, "bcbio_ready", "hg19"))
out_file = os.path.join(out_dir, "cosmic.vcf.gz")
hg19_cosmic = map_coords_to_ucsc(ready_cosmic, bcbio_ref, out_file)
variation_dir = utils.safe_makedir(os.path.join(bcbio_base, "variation"))
utils.copy_plus(hg19_cosmic, os.path.join(variation_dir, os.path.basename(hg19_cosmic)))
print("Created COSMIC v%s resource in %s" % (cosmic_version,
os.path.join(variation_dir, os.path.basename(hg19_cosmic))))
def map_coords_to_ucsc(grc_cosmic, ref_file, out_file):
hg19_ref_file = ref_file.replace("GRCh37", "hg19")
if not os.path.exists(out_file):
contig_cl = vcfutils.add_contig_to_header_cl(hg19_ref_file, out_file)
cmd = ("zcat {grc_cosmic} | "
r'sed "s/^\([0-9]\+\)\t/chr\1\t/g" | sed "s/^MT/chrM/g" | sed "s/^X/chrX/g" | sed "s/^Y/chrY/g" '
"| {contig_cl} "
"| bgzip -c > {out_file}")
subprocess.check_call(cmd.format(**locals()), shell=True)
if os.path.exists("%s-header.txt" % utils.splitext_plus(out_file)[0]):
os.remove("%s-header.txt" % utils.splitext_plus(out_file)[0])
return vcfutils.bgzip_and_index(out_file, {})
def _rename_to_ucsc(line):
chrom, rest = line.split("\t", 1)
if chrom == "MT":
new_chrom = "chrM"
new_chrom = "chr%s" % chrom
return "%s\t%s" % (new_chrom, rest)
def combine_cosmic(fnames, ref_file, out_file):
if not os.path.exists(out_file):
cmd = ["picard", "MergeVcfs", "O=%s" % out_file, "D=%s" % ref_file.replace(".fa", ".dict")] + \
["I=%s" % x for x in fnames] + \
return vcfutils.bgzip_and_index(out_file, {})
def sort_to_ref(fname, ref_file, add_chr):
"""Match reference genome ordering.
out_file = "%s-prep.vcf.gz" % (fname.replace(".vcf.gz", ""))
if not os.path.exists(out_file):
if add_chr:
fix_chrom = r'| sed "s/^\([0-9]\+\)\t/chr\1\t/g" | sed "s/^MT/chrM/g" | sed "s/^X/chrX/g" | sed "s/^Y/chrY/g" '
fix_chrom = ''
contig_cl = vcfutils.add_contig_to_header_cl(ref_file, out_file)
cmd = ("gunzip -c {fname} {fix_chrom} | "
"bcftools norm --check-ref s --do-not-normalize -f {ref_file} |"
"gsort /dev/stdin {ref_file}.fai | {contig_cl} | "
"bgzip -c > {out_file}")
subprocess.check_call(cmd.format(**locals()), shell=True)
return vcfutils.bgzip_and_index(out_file, {})
def get_cosmic_files(genome_build, cosmic_version):
"""Retrieve using new authentication based download approach.
url = ""
out_dir = utils.safe_makedir(os.path.join("v%s" % cosmic_version, genome_build))
fnames = []
for ctype in ["CosmicCodingMuts", "CosmicNonCodingVariants"]:
filename = os.path.join(out_dir, "%s.vcf.gz" % ctype)
if not os.path.exists(filename):
filepath = "%s/cosmic/v%s/VCF/%s.vcf.gz" % (genome_build, cosmic_version, ctype)
print("Downloading %s" % (url + filepath))
r = requests.get(url + filepath, auth=(os.environ["COSMIC_USER"], os.environ["COSMIC_PASS"]))
download_url = r.json()["url"]
r = requests.get(download_url)
with open(filename, "wb") as f:
return fnames
if __name__ == "__main__":