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BioLinux in KVM

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@@ -42,6 +42,7 @@ password (preferably using a key with empty password). From that point on you
can install CloudBioLinux using the fabric file.
This is also the image the test system fingerprints for further test installs. You can
-use the ./test/test_vm.rb script to test drive the VM.
+try the ./test/test_biolinux script to test drive the VM. test_biolinux will install a
+CloudBioLinux flavor, and check whether the installation is complete.
17 test/README
@@ -1,10 +1,21 @@
Integration test for CloudBioLinux.
+When you have a base install running, you only need to supply the
+(local) IP addrees of the VM, and the password-less key for the
+install user (who has sudo bash). The tests get invoked wiht
-./test_vagrant --help
+ ./test_biolinux [-i] [-u user] IPaddr [Flavor]
-== Testing issues ==
+For further options see
+ ./test_biolinux --help
+Alternatively try the self running test using Virtualbox and Vagrant
+ ./test_vagrant --help
+== Testing issues with Vagrant ==
The test system depends on a stack of tools, including virtualbox,
vagrant, ssh, ruby and related libraries. Things can go wrong. Here we

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