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Moved to a sleeker, sexier new repo called

DatePicker V1.0.3

Use a jQuery UI datePicker widget in your CFWheels forms

datePicker and datePickerTag functions accept the same arguments as CFWheels textField and textFieldTag functions respectively, but they also accept all options for the jQuery datePicker widget

Following the road to DatePicker Glory

  1. Install the DatePicker plugin
  2. Make sure you have setup jQuery AND jQuery UI in your app
  3. Use the datePicker() and datePickerTag() form helpers


<!--- Use with objects --->
#datePicker(label="Birthday", objectName="user", property="birthday")#

<!--- Use without objects --->
#datePickerTag(label="Birthday", name="birthday", value=Now())#

<!--- Use with jQuery datePicker options --->
#datePicker(label="Birthday", objectName="user", property="birthday", dateFormat="dd/mm/yy", goToCurrent=true, dayNames='["Sundy", "Mundy", "Tuesdy", "Wednesdy", "Thursdy", "Fridy", "Satdy"]')#