Have the CFWheels test framework return jUnit XML
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Make the CFWheels test framework return jUnit XML

JUnify will run your CFWheels unit tests, then return the results in jUnit formatted XML. Use it for automated testing with your Continuous Integration server.

Following the road to jUnit Glory
- Install the JUnify plugin
- Create a JUnifyController.cfc controller that calls the JUnify() function*. (See example below)
- Write some unit tests for your app or plugin
- Make a call to your JUnify url

* Controller filename and action names are unimportant


<cfcomponent extends="Controller">
	<cffunction name="index">
		<cfset JUnify(params)>

Your JUnify URL

Pay particular attention to the type parameter.
- type=app will run tests for your application
- type=myplugin will run tests for your plugin
- type=core will run tests for the CFWheels framework itself
Props to Rocketboots for their RocketUnit test framework