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DarkGlass is a general purpose game engine written using Delphi.

DarkGlass is a game engine written from scratch using Delphi, and licensed under the MIT License.

I'll be live streaming the development of DarkGlass, indefinately, at least until the engine is capable of supporting some game development. Though I understand watching someone code isn't the most exciting thing to spend your time on, you're welcome to come watch the live streams at (redirect to my channel).

While contributions will be invited at some point in the future, currently this project is in it's infancy and as such contributions are not yet required. I'll update this statement as the project progresses. If you're egar to contribute in some way, feel free to get in touch, but please be patient.

For more information on the DarkGlass game engine, and the game development project it will support, see:

Supported Targets

DarkGlass aims to support at least those targets supported by Delphi.

  • Linux (Ubuntu/RHEL).
  • Mac OSX
  • Windows
  • Android 5+
  • iOS

These targets vary in capabilities and as such, DarkGlass engine features will vary among the targets accordingly. Development will focus primarily on Desktop targets initially. Additional targets may also be possible in the future depending upon research to be done.

Graphics API

DarkGlass will be designed to support interchangable graphics API's for rendering, with initial development targeting OpenGL and OpenGL-ES. With option to pivot to Vulkan early in development, and DirectX support being considered experimental in the initial phase.