create_activity doesn't work with include PublicActivity::Common #62

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When using (include PublicActivity::Model with tracked), everything works fine. However, for a model where I only wish to record custom activities, and use (include PublicActivity::Common without tracked), I get error messages which references "create_activity" line with following error:

undefined method `public_activity_enabled?' for #< ..model object id...>

My create_activity statement is inside one of the model methods and looks like this:

create_activity(:schedule, :owner => creator, :recipient => account, :params => {:username => self.creator.username})

Chaps member

Which version of p_a are you using?



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We support using Common standalone only from 1.0, which is nearing it's release. For now, just use:

include PublicActivity::Model
tracked :skip_defaults => true

Sorry :(


That works! Thanks for the quick response and a great gem!

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