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Image caption with semantic attention

note that this repository are mainly borrowed from neuraltalk2, hats off to Karpathy, what a great job he has done! And the model implemented here is from image caption with semantic attention, Quanzeng You et al. CVPR2016.

without regularization on attention weights

current results table

beam_size Bleu_1 Bleu_2 Bleu_3 Bleu_4 METEOR CIDEr
2 0.884 0.726 0.58 0.46 0.308 1.214
3 0.891 0.739 0.597 0.479 0.311 1.239
4 0.891 0.742 0.601 0.484 0.312 1.244
5 0.892 0.743 0.603 0.488 0.313 1.249
7 0.893 0.744 0.605 0.489 0.313 1.25

with regularization on attention weights

current result: to be updated.. L1 loss on output attention weights(seems not improve too much):

beam_size Bleu_1 Bleu_2 Bleu_3 Bleu_4 METEOR CIDEr
7 0.898 0.751 0.614 0.498 0.315 1.26

Attention Weights Criterion on attention weights(however, not finetuning on cnn part):

regularization attention model:

beam_size Bleu_1 Bleu_2 Bleu_3 Bleu_4 METEOR CIDEr
7 0.905 0.759 0.622 0.506 0.321 1.3
  • (may add comment later, below is the comment from neuraltalk2, shoule remove it in the near future)


For evaluation only

This code is written in Lua and requires Torch. If you're on Ubuntu, installing Torch in your home directory may look something like:

$ curl -s | bash
$ git clone ~/torch --recursive
$ cd ~/torch; 
$ ./      # and enter "yes" at the end to modify your bashrc
$ source ~/.bashrc

See the Torch installation documentation for more details. After Torch is installed we need to get a few more packages using LuaRocks (which already came with the Torch install). In particular:

$ luarocks install nn
$ luarocks install nngraph 
$ luarocks install image 

We're also going to need the cjson library so that we can load/save json files. Follow their download link and then look under their section 2.4 for easy luarocks install.

If you'd like to run on an NVIDIA GPU using CUDA (which you really, really want to if you're training a model, since we're using a VGGNet), you'll of course need a GPU, and you will have to install the CUDA Toolkit. Then get the cutorch and cunn packages:

$ luarocks install cutorch
$ luarocks install cunn

If you'd like to use the cudnn backend (the pretrained checkpoint does), you also have to install cudnn. First follow the link to NVIDIA website, register with them and download the cudnn library. Then make sure you adjust your LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to the lib64 folder that contains the library (e.g. Then git clone the cudnn.torch repo, cd inside and do luarocks make cudnn-scm-1.rockspec to build the Torch bindings.

For training

If you'd like to train your models you will need loadcaffe, since we are using the VGGNet. First, make sure you follow their instructions to install protobuf and everything else (e.g. sudo apt-get install libprotobuf-dev protobuf-compiler), and then install via luarocks:

luarocks install loadcaffe

Finally, you will also need to install torch-hdf5, and h5py, since we will be using hdf5 files to store the preprocessed data.

Phew! Quite a few dependencies, sorry no easy way around it :\

I'd like to distribute my GPU trained checkpoints for CPU

Use the script convert_checkpoint_gpu_to_cpu.lua to convert your GPU checkpoints to be usable on CPU. See inline documentation for why this separate script is needed. For example:

th convert_checkpoint_gpu_to_cpu.lua gpu_checkpoint.t7

write the file gpu_checkpoint.t7_cpu.t7, which you can now run with -gpuid -1 in the eval script.


BSD License.


Parts of this code were written in collaboration with my labmate Justin Johnson.

I'm very grateful for NVIDIA's support in providing GPUs that made this work possible.

I'm also very grateful to the maintainers of Torch for maintaining a wonderful deep learning library.

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