Firmware and server code for Sharknicorn demo
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Sharknicorn Hat

This repo contains the sample code for making an Uber-aware hat that I describe in this article.


After cloning this repo:

cd server/
npm install


Copy the contents of firmware/sharknicorn.ino to a new app in your Particle dashboard

You must setup your Particle device using or watch this video that uses the Particle mobile app to setup

Server Setup

  1. You must have ngrok installed
  2. You must have nodeJS installed

Gather credentials

Then, create a file .env inside your server/ folder (make sure it's inside the server folder!)

touch .env

and put this in the file:


The following describes how you can get the above values:

  1. Go to, click Sign in and log into the developer dashboard with your existing Uber account. If you do not have an Uber account you will have to sign up for one.
    • Then, when you get access to the developer dashboard, click "create app"
    • Copy your Client Secret and replace YOUR_UBER_CLIENT_SECRET above with it
  2. Go to
    • Click on the Devices icon (looks like a scope)
      • Click on the > arrow next to your device
      • Copy your Device ID and replace YOUR_PARTICLE_DEVICE_UUID above with it
    • Click on the Settings icon (looks like a gear)
      • Copy your Access Token, and replace YOUR_PARTICLE_DEVICE_ACCESS_TOKEN above with it

Running the server

While still in the server folder, run

node app.js

This will serve in port 3000

In another terminal, run ngrok

ngrok http 3000

Copy paste the https version of the Forwarding URL to the Webhook URL in the "Settings" tab of your Uber developer dashboard, appended with /webhook

For example:

Make sure you click Save at the bottom of the page! Note that this ngrok URL changes everytime you quit ngrok.

That's it! Your server is now running and is now connected to your Particle Device


Go back to your developer dashboard, and while inside your app's settings page, click on Trip Simulator (on the bottom of the left side bar)

Start a trip and watch your webhooks hit your local server!

Your Sharknicorn should be lighting up in different animations as well.