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A simple django app that provides change and deletion links to FK fields in the admin

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A simple django app that provides change and deletion links to FK fields in the admin while ticket #13163 and #13165 are not fixed.

Note that this apps works with django >= 1.4 only.




Video displaying interaction with the widget


First, add 'admin_enhancer' to your INSTALLED_APPS to avoid getting TemplateDoesNotExist errors.

Make sure to mix EnhancedModelAdminMixin when dealing with django.contrib.admin.ModelAdmin subclasses and EnhancedAdminMixin when dealing with django.contrib.admin.InlineModelAdmin at both ends of the relationship. The mixins are located at admin_enhancer.admin.

If edition and deletion controls appears but the popup is not closed nor is the select box updated your ModelAdmin subclass referenced by the field in question is probably not mixed with EnhancedModelAdminMixin.

For some examples take a look here.

Django CMS support

Django CMS ( defines a plugin system to create pluggable applications; its plugin system relies on standard Django admin framework so it's easy to enhance plugins using this project.

Plugin enhancement

To add admin_enhancer support to your own plugins just add admin_enhancer.EnhancedAdminMixin to plugin class definition::

from admin_enhancer.admin import EnhancedAdminMixin

class MyOwnPlugin(EnhancedAdminMixin, CMSPluginBase):
    name = "whatever"


To enhance third party plugins, unregister original plugin and extend it with your own base class::

from import ThirdPartyPlugin
from admin_enhancer.admin import EnhancedAdminMixin

class EnhancedThirPartyPlugin(EnhancedAdminMixin, ThirdPartyPlugin):


Page admin support

Django CMS defines a ModelAdmin for its Page object; admin_enhancer.contrib.djangocms defines a new ModelAdmin for Page to enhance it. To install it add admin_enhancer.contrib.djangocms to INSTALLED_APPS, after any django-cms or django-admin-enhancer-related application.

Django Filer support

django-filer ( has its own enhanced widget which conflicts with django-admin-enhancer; to enhance filer-based applications, use enhance_exclude attribute on your ModelAdmin to exclude filer-based fields from enhancement while allowing other fields to be enriched.

cmsplugin_filer ( can be extended to support django-admin-enhancer like any other django CMS plugin; for better support admin_enhancer.contrib.filer defines a new ModelAdmin for ThumbnailOption class. To install it add admin_enhancer.contrib.filer to INSTALLED_APPS, before admin_enhancer.contrib.djangocms.

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