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envlist =
py24, py25, py26, py27, pypy, py24-trunk, py25-trunk, py26-trunk, py27-trunk, pypy-trunk, docs
commands =
python test
deps =
# We lied here, these are not really trunk, but rather the 1.3 beta-1, which
# is close enough.
basepython = python2.4
deps =
basepython = python2.5
deps =
basepython = python2.6
deps =
basepython = python2.7
deps =
basepython = pypy
deps =
changedir = docs
deps =
commands =
sphinx-build -W -b html -d {envtmpdir}/doctrees . {envtmpdir}/html
sphinx-build -W -b linkcheck -d {envtmpdir}/doctrees . {envtmpdir}/linkcheck
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