.NET API Client for integrating with ChargeBee
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The attribute 'round_off_amount' have been added in Invoice an Credit note resources.
See : https://apidocs.chargebee.com/docs/api/invoices#invoice_attributes

The attribute 'settled_at' has been added to transaction resource.
See : https://apidocs.chargebee.com/docs/api/transactions#transaction_attributes

'Collect now' API in Hosted pages resource has been undeprecated.
See : https://apidocs.chargebee.com/docs/api/hosted_pages#collect_now
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Chargebee .Net Client Library - API V2


This is the .NET Library for integrating with Chargebee. Sign up for a Chargebee account here.

Chargebee now supports two API versions - V1 and V2, of which V2 is the latest release and all future developments will happen in V2. This library is for API version V2. If you’re looking for V1, head to chargebee-v1 branch.


Install the latest version of the 2.x.x library with the following commands:

Use NuGet: NuGet is a package manager for Visual Studio.

To install the ChargeBee .Net Client Library, run the following command in the Package Manager Console:

$ Install-Package ChargeBee -Vesrion 2.x.x

If you would prefer to build it from source, checkout latest version of 2.x.x release tag:

$ git checkout [latest 2.x.x release tag]


See our .Net API Reference.


To create a new subscription:

using ChargeBee.Api;
using ChargeBee.Models;
EntityResult result = Subscription.Create()
Subscription subscription = result.Subscription;
Customer customer = result.Customer;


See the LICENSE file.