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The repo contains the source code for the sample apps used in the ChargeBee tutorials


  • Copy the files under chargebee-samples/php folder to your apache's default site (mostly /var/www/)
  • Download the latest ChargeBee's php library and extract the files under /var/www directory.
  • Note: You need to enable mod-rewrite and .htaccess in your apache server to run the samples.

You should now be able to try out the various samples.


Tested on Ruby 1.9.3 and Rails 3.2.12

To try out the samples execute the following commands under the chargebee-samples/ruby directory

  • bundle install
  • rails new cb_sample_apps -s
  • cd cb_sample_apps
  • rails server


To try out the samples please follow the below steps

  • Install tomcat. You can get it from Tomcat site.
  • Download the ChargeBee's java library.
  • Copy the library jar to java/webapp/WEB-INF/lib in this repo.
  • Compile the classes using ant -f build/build.xml -Dtomcat.home=<tomcat home>
  • Note: The samples need to run in the root context ("/"). So in <tomcat home>/conf/server.xml add a context path with docbase set to chargebee-samples/java/webapp and path set as "/". Or you could also copy the files to the ROOT context.
  • Start the tomcat server.