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Chargely Documentation

Chargely Documentation Homepage @Chargely on Twitter Chargely Homepage

Chargely's docs are powered by the Sphinx documentation generator. Source documents are written in reStructuredText.


Chargely's documentation is an ongoing project, and we greatly appreciate any contributions. Specifically, we are looking for addition of missing sections or anything that adds clarity to existing documentation.

Please follow the steps below to get started.

1. Fork

Fork this repository into your own GitHub account.

2. Make changes

Source documents are located in the /source directory. Make your changes there and push them to your forked repository.

NOTE: Source documents are written in reStructuredText. Please become familiar with this format. There are also examples of commonly used snippets in the /source/examples.rst file.

3. Submit pull request

Submit a pull request to the develop branch of this respository.

Running locally

To get the Sphinx documentation generator running locally please follow the instructions below.

1. Install Sphinx and sphinx_rtd_theme

Get Sphinx from the Python Package Index, or install it with:

pip install -U Sphinx

2. Install "sphinx_rtd_theme".

pip install sphinx_rtd_theme


The following commands can be run from the root of the project, where the Makefile is located.

1. Generate docs from source

make html

Generated docs will be located in the /build directory.

2. Clear cache

make clean

3. Get help

make help