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Connect to Chargify

This guide will help you connect Chargely to one of your Chargify sites. This is the first step you should take after signing up with us.


Sites in Chargely are a very similar concept to sites in Chargify. Each site that you create in Chargely will be connected to exactly one of your Chargify sites. You can connect as many Chargely sites as you like.

Access site configuration

After logging into your account at you'll see a dashboard with all of your current sites. Click on the "New Site" link.

Create new site

Configure your Chargely site

Configuring a Chargely site requires several pieces of information from your Chargify account. Please reference the screenshots below for help locating this information.

Enter Chargely site settings

  1. Enter your Chargely subdomain
  2. Enter your company name
  3. Select currency

Enter Chargify API settings

  1. Enter your Chargify site's subdomain
  2. Enter your Chargify API Key
  3. Enter your Chargify site's Shared Key
  4. Enter your Chargify site's Mode

To locate these settings in Chargify, please reference the following screenshots.

Start at the homepage of your Chargify account.

Chargify sites dashboard

Click "API Access" in the left sidebar to access your Chargify API Key.

Chargify API Key

Click "Change Mode/Edit" to access your site's Shared Key.

Chargify Shared Key

Enter Chargify Direct settings

  1. Enter Chargify Direct API ID
  2. Enter Chargify Direct API Secret
  3. Enter Chargify Direct API Password

To locate these settings in Chargify, please reference the following screenshots.

Navigate to your site's dashboard in Chargify.

Choose Chargify site

Click on the "Settings" tab then click on "Chargify Direct" in the left sidebar.

Chargify direct


If your Chargify Direct Password is not displayed please obtain the previously saved password. You did save it, didn't you? ;)

Please note that generating new Chargify Direct credentials will immediately lock out all access using the old credentials.

Create a Chargify Webhook

Once your Chargely site is created it is important to also create a Chargify Webhook for it. This will ensure that your Chargely site continues to stay in sync with its Chargify counterpart.

Chargely webhook

After clicking the link above, you will be taken directly to the page in your Chargify account where you can create the Webhook.

New webhook

  1. Click in "Add URL" as denoted in the screenshot above.

  2. Enter the URL for your Chargely site in the following format.


    Be sure to replace {{SUBDOMAIN}} with your Chargely subdomain.

  3. Click on "Configure" as denoted in the screenshot above.

    Webhook configuration
  4. In the resulting window, ensure that all events are checked.

  5. Click "Save".

Congratulations! Your Chargify site is now fully connected to Chargely. Now you're ready to start :doc:`onboarding your customers </onboarding_customers/index>`.