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E-mail invitation

You can invite your customers to their Chargely account with a simple, one-time email invitation.

  1. From your customer list, choose a customer that is "Not Invited".

    Chargely Customer List
  2. Click to send your customer an email invitation.

    Chargely Customer Detail
  3. Your customer will receive an email asking them to create their Chargely account.

    (P.S. You can modify this email message in the template editor.)

    Chargely Customer Invitation
  4. After clicking the invitation link, your customers will be able to set their Chargely username & password.

    Chargely Customer Invitation Password

Your customers can now use their username and password to access their Chargely account.

This is a one-time process for your customers. Chargely does not send additional login links to your customers.