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This sample application was created as an experiment to create a customer portal for (before Chargify developed their own). It is written entirely in PHP and Zend Framework 1.

It attempts to utilize every function of the Chargify API, including a sample using Chargify Direct.


  • No database included. Runs completely off of calls to the API using Crucial_Service_Chargify. See the lib/Crucial folder.

  • Controllers to handle your Postbacks and Webhooks. See PostbackController.php and WebhookController.php

  • View helper for getting hosted payment page URLs. See lib/Crucial/View/Helper/HostedUrl.php

  • Zferral integration. See lib/Crucial/View/Helper/Zferral.php and SubscriptionsController.php.

    See app/configs/zferral.ini.dist for more info.

  • Works with Chargify Direct ( to lower your PCI compliance scope.

  • Developer friendly

    • DocBlox API documentation is in the /www/docs folder.

    • Within any controller you can call $this->log($object); to send a log to your Firebug console.

    • ErrorController.php provides debug output in development mode.

    • View logs from Postbacks and Webhooks sent to your app. See the tmp folder.

In the wild

This sample app has served as the basis for several products at Crucial Web Studio, including Chargely (

We'd love to hear from you if you've built something awesome based on this project.


  • This app is intended for demonstration purposes only. THERE IS NO PASSWORD PROTECTION so please do not install this app on the public internet. Only install on a secure local development environment that is inaccessbile to the outside world.

  • This app is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.