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base fork: chargify/active_merchant
head fork: chargify/active_merchant
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Commits on Mar 12, 2012
Dennis O'Connor Changed L_COSTn to L_AMT_n in PayFlowExpressHelper. Added corner case…
… to remote test for payflow_express and payflow_express_uk.
Commits on Mar 13, 2012
Dennis O'Connor Remvoed the L_AMT fix because it might break other things, added DISC…
…OUNT field instead. Added more remote tests to RemotePayflowExpressTest.
Commits on Mar 14, 2012
Dennis O'Connor Using subtotal as Item amt field. a3e5c66
Commits on Apr 06, 2012
@brentmc79 brentmc79 Rework Braintree update method
- Use combined customer/card update to eliminate unneccessary remote calls.
- Use update_existing_token option to update the default card
- Support verify_card option in update
- Include customer vault id and card tokens in update response
- Add processor response text for failed verification
Commits on Apr 07, 2012
@kacperix kacperix Added mapping to amount field.
PIN option setter.
Added test? method to Notification class.
Commits on Apr 10, 2012
@ntalbott ntalbott Paybox: remove Iconv usage. 87bdac7
@ntalbott ntalbott Update docs with latest changes. b7e2f3f
@ntalbott ntalbott Merge pull request #340 from kacperix/master
Dotpay: Add amount mapping, pin setter, and support for test? [kacperix]
@steved steved implements an API for the vindicia payment gateway - one time transac…
…tions as well as recurring billing (called autobills)
@ntalbott ntalbott Braintree Blue: Make address country map to alpha2
The (undocumented) standard for the :country key in addresses is
for it to be the standard two-character code for the country.
The old behavior for Braintree Blue gateway, fixed in this commit,
was to take that field and map it to :country_name in Braintree,
which generally didn't work as expected.

Now the gateway puts :country into the :country_code_alpha2 field,
and also allows passing :country_code_alpha2, :country_code_alpha3,
and :country_code_numeric if more control is needed.
@ntalbott ntalbott GB is the alpha2 country code for the UK
Recently we changed all uses of GB to UK in the code, but this is
actually incorrect, as "UK" is not the correct country code for the
UK (though it is reserved). I'm retaining UK in the README (as it
is more widely used) but all references in the code should always
be to GB.
@ntalbott ntalbott Realex: Handle XML response with unescaped ampersand
I fixed this by switching Realex response parsing to Nokogiri,
which is smarter about dealing with malformed XML. I also added
Nokogiri as an explicit dependency, especially since iTransact was
already using it.
@ntalbott ntalbott Merge pull request #332 from steved555/master
Add Vindicia Gateway [steved555]
@ntalbott ntalbott Use public github repo urls. 0e5ec0f
@ntalbott ntalbott Also run CI against 1.9.3. b08b210
Commits on Apr 11, 2012
@supritasrinivas supritasrinivas Allow modification of RetryNumDays on a Recurring Profile through the…
… active_merchant payflow gateway
Commits on Apr 12, 2012
@braintreeps braintreeps Change test setup in accordance with address country mapping change a118ab9
Commits on Apr 13, 2012
@supritasrinivas supritasrinivas Do not default starting_at date to Date.tomorrow for recurring modify…
… action. It is not a required parameter for modify action. Add tests to verify the same
Commits on Apr 18, 2012
@parndt parndt Small syntax improvement using %w[] 5980ec8
Commits on Apr 23, 2012
@ntalbott ntalbott Merge pull request #344 from parndt/patch-1
Payment Express: use %w[] for country list [parndt]
@ntalbott ntalbott Merge pull request #341 from braintreeps/master
Braintree Blue: Match remote test up with change to :country [braintreeps]
@subbarao subbarao fixing paypal ipn received_at time parsing 1fcf9b6
Commits on Apr 24, 2012
@ntalbott ntalbott Merge pull request #346 from subbarao/master
PayPal Integration: Fix received_at method time parsing [subbarao]
@jokklan jokklan Fixed bug, so quickpay works with payment_service_for, and testmode c…
…orrespons to ActiveMerchant::Billing::Base.test?
@mnoack mnoack Add MiGS Gateway 0b36917
Commits on Apr 25, 2012
@ntalbott ntalbott Lock mocha to 0.10.x until the __method__ bug is fixed. 5f8dc4a
@ntalbott ntalbott Quick fix for PayPal integration timezone. a47dbb8
@ntalbott ntalbott Some Rakefile cleanup. 9c172ee
@ntalbott ntalbott Merge pull request #345 from mnoack/add_migs_gateway
Add MiGS Gateway [mnoack, nagash]
@ntalbott ntalbott Merge pull request #330 from pylonweb/quickpay_patch
Quickpay integration: Fix payment_service_for helper [TheMaster]
@ntalbott ntalbott Local credentials override defaults rather than replacing them. 701fe6a
@ntalbott ntalbott Merge pull request #337 from chargify/rework_braintree_blue_update
Braintree Blue gateway: Improve update method
@ntalbott ntalbott PayPal: Better fix for timezone [dscataglini] b2a5ef0
@ntalbott ntalbott Revert better timezone handling due to breaking in 1.8.
Unfortunately 1.8 does not have a good method for building a Time
in a specific timezone.

This reverts commit b2a5ef0.
@ntalbott ntalbott Update to fixed Mocha version. 236582e
@AlexanderZaytsev AlexanderZaytsev Added line_item helper and 'mapping :mode' into TwoCheckout integrati…
…on helper
@ntalbott ntalbott Merge pull request #348 from AlexanderZaytsev/add_mode_mapping_to_two…

2checkout integration: Add mode mapping & line items helper [AlexanderZaytsev]
Commits on Apr 26, 2012
@ePayMichael ePayMichael Added ePay integration
Added sorting of form fields to ensure correct md5 calculation

Ready for merge
@AlexanderZaytsev AlexanderZaytsev Introduced payment_routine method for better service_url handling 2abcc25
Commits on Apr 30, 2012
@ntalbott ntalbott USA ePay Advanced gateway: Fix expiration date format. [cctalbott]
Closes #343.
@ntalbott ntalbott Merge pull request #335 from ePay/epay_module
Add ePay integration [ePay]
@ntalbott ntalbott Merge pull request #351 from AlexanderZaytsev/payment_routine_for_two…

2checkout integration: Add support for single page payment routine [AlexanderZaytsev]
@ntalbott ntalbott Update docs with latest changes. 9937078
Commits on May 01, 2012
@ZenCocoon ZenCocoon Add support in Ogone for 3D Secure 9978ce5
@ntalbott ntalbott Merge pull request #350 from ZenCocoon/ogone_3dsecure2
Ogone: Add support for 3D Secure [rymai, ZenCocoon]
Commits on May 04, 2012
@akonan akonan Adds integration for Verkkomaksut (FI) E1 payment provider 1a9308a
Commits on May 07, 2012
@jduff jduff Stripe: remove authorize and capture methods from stripe since they a…
…re not supported
@jduff jduff Stripe: default test to false if no livemode parameter is specified db577f8
@jduff jduff Paybox Direct: 'card absent' and 'do not honour' should be considered…
… failures, not fraudulent
@ntalbott ntalbott Merge pull request #355 from akonan/Verkkomaksut
Adds Verkkomaksut integration [akonan]
Commits on May 09, 2012
@akonan akonan Removes trailing spaces from generator templates f4105da
@ntalbott ntalbott Merge pull request #356 from akonan/generator-fix
Remove trailing spaces from generator templates [akonan]
Commits on May 10, 2012
@jslingerland jslingerland Updated Bluepay payment module for ACH/Recurring Billing a88678d
Commits on May 11, 2012
@jduff jduff Cleanup some of the tests and typos 0636fc3
Commits on May 14, 2012
@ntalbott ntalbott Merge pull request #358 from LessonPlanet/master
Payflow gateway: add RetryNumDays; start_date fix

Payflow gateway: Allow modification of RetryNumDays [jrust]
Payflow gateway: Don't auto-set start_date on modification [jrust]
@ntalbott ntalbott Merge pull request #353 from jslingerland/Bluepay
Bluepay gateway: Add ACH & recurring support

Bluepay gateway: Add ACH & recurring support [jslingerland]
Commits on May 15, 2012
@Soleone Soleone Orbital: Don't send AVS address details for any country besides US, C…
…A, GB and UK
@duff duff Allow American Express in Barclays gateway. 67ce497
Commits on May 16, 2012
@jduff jduff Merge branch 'bug/payflow_express_uk_invalid_amount' ae5d562
@ntalbott ntalbott Merge pull request #360 from spreedly/amex_barclay
Barclays gateway: Allow American Express [duff]
@ntalbott ntalbott Ogone gateway: remove duplicated method [ntalbott] 34e46a2
@ntalbott ntalbott Update docs. b168cf7
Commits on May 17, 2012
@fabiokr fabiokr Cybersource gateway: Add retrieve method
The retrieve method will pull details on a stored credit card from the
Cybersource API.

Closes PR #361.
@jduff jduff Bump version to 1.22.0 94eea85
@GregDake GregDake Add Litle gateway
Closes PR #327
@ntalbott ntalbott DRY up the Litle adapter
Response building now goes through a common method. Also made some
syntax changes to be more idiomatically Ruby.
@mikel mikel PaymentExpress gateway: BillingId token support
PaymentExpress supports a user specified token as well as DPS auto
generated token. This patch upgrades the gateway to allow you to opt in
to use the user specified token.

Default behaviour remains the same (using DpsBillingId) so no existing
user of ActiveMerchant's PaymentExpress gateway using token based
billing will have to change their code.

Closes #338
Commits on May 18, 2012
@csaunders csaunders We were accidentally using the Barclays generated Transaction ID
instead of our own OrderId.  The result is payments cannot be
processed properly.
Commits on May 19, 2012
@ntalbott ntalbott Fix tests to use correct authorization value adc874f
@craigchristenson craigchristenson 2checkout integration: Add autosettle support
The current branch only supported the 2Checkout Pass Through Products
parameter set which requires that the seller mark tangible sales as
shipped before they will charge the customer. A new method c_prod method
was added to allow support for 2Checkout Third Party Cart Parameters
which charge automatically.

The default purchase routine URL was changed from the multi-page
checkout to the more popular single page checkout.

The notification took the item_id from the cart_order_id parameter
returned by 2Checkout. On sales using the Pass Through Products
parameters, 2Checkout does not return this parameter causing this method
to return nil. The method now falls back to the merchant_order_id when
cart_order_id is not passed back so that both the Third Party Cart
parameters and Pass Through Product Parameters can be used.

Closes #362.
Commits on May 22, 2012
@jduff jduff SecurePayAu: fix credit card check
- Some ActiveMerchant users have their own credit card object that they
  pass to ActiveMerchant so we shouldn't be checking for
ActiveMerchant::Billing::CreditCard explicitly but check that it looks
like a credit card instead (having a number method is a good check).
@jduff jduff PaymentExpress: add Cvc2Presence flag when submitting verification value 2e5a140
@jduff jduff Revert "Cybersource gateway: Add retrieve method"
This reverts commit fbff8ee.
@jduff jduff Revert "Cybersource recurring payments"
This reverts commit 7c3ccb1.
@jduff jduff Update changlog mentioning reverts of Cybersource recurring payment s…
@jduff jduff Merge branch 'payment_express_add_cvc2_presence' 8864300
@jduff jduff Merge branch 'fix_secure_pay_credit_card_check' 0b55613
@jduff jduff Merge branch 'bugfix/barclays_payment_processing' aca922d
Commits on May 23, 2012
@jduff jduff Update changelog 3c16ec8
@tommeier tommeier Update Securepay AU to include usable credentials for running remote …
…test. Currently experiencing one fail due to db issue on testing server
@jduff jduff SecurePayAU: Add a remote test for doing a purchase with a custom cre…
…dit card class
@jduff jduff Prep for 1.23.0 release 8fdbb72
@mbulat mbulat PayPal gateway: Support for incomplete captures
Allows leaving an authorization open by passing a `complete_type` to

    gateway.capture(60, authorization, :complete_type => "NotComplete")

Closes #367
Commits on Jun 07, 2012
@jnormore jnormore updated sagepay sanitize to truncate description field. fixes #370 f28a581
@jnormore jnormore Revert "updated sagepay sanitize to truncate description field. fixes #…

This reverts commit f28a581.
@jnormore jnormore SagePayForm: Updated sanitize to truncate description field. Fixes #370 89ad9ca
Commits on Jun 08, 2012
@kenzie kenzie Moneris gateway: Add support for vault
Adds #store, #unstore, and #update, and support for them to #authorize
and #capture.

Closes #369.
@ntalbott ntalbott Realex gateway: Fix remote tests ae8abb3
@nagash nagash NAB Transact gateway: Add card descriptors
Allows passing card descriptors through to the gateway via metadata.
Works via passing :merchant_name and/or :merchant_location when running
a purchase. Only supports immediate purchases at this point.

Closes #373.
@Soleone Soleone Paybox Direct: Treat all response codes besides '00000' as hard failu…
…res and never as fraud.
@jduff jduff Deprecate #type method on CreditCard 80801ad
@jduff jduff Replace references to :type with :brand 302bc1e
@jduff jduff Cleanup little gateway tests 7a0e971
@jduff jduff Re-word deprecation message c16ccc3
@jduff jduff Prepare for 1.24.0 release b257636
@ntalbott ntalbott Clean out the .gitignore file
.gitignore should only contain exclusions for project-specific files,
typically generated artifacts of one kind or another. System specific
files, like editor backups, ruby version config files, etc., should be
configured globally by individual developers.

Tweak for #369.
Commits on Jun 14, 2012
@shayfrendt shayfrendt Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' a976481