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Chargify API wrapper for Ruby (using ActiveResource)

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This is a Ruby wrapper for the Chargify API that leverages ActiveResource.

ActiveResource versions 3.0.0 to 3.0.19 are not compatible and will throw an exception. Please use at least version 3.0.20 if on 3.0. For more information see the relevant rails pull request.

It allows you to interface with the Chargify API using simple ActiveRecord-like syntax, i.e.:

  :customer_reference => 'moklett',
  :product_handle => 'chargify-api-ares-test',
  :credit_card_attributes => {
    :first_name => "Michael",
    :last_name => "Klett",
    :expiration_month => 1,
    :expiration_year => 2010,
    :full_number => "1234-1234-1234-1234"

subscription.credit_card_attributes = { :expiration_year => 2013 }


See the examples directory for more usage examples.


This library can be installed as a gem. It is hosted on Rubygems.

You can install this library as a gem using the following command:

$ gem install chargify_api_ares


Simply require this library before you use it:

require 'chargify_api_ares'

If you're using Rails 3.x, you could include this gem in your Gemfile.

gem 'chargify_api_ares'

Install the gem using the following command: $ bundle install

If you're using Rails 2 you could include this gem in your configuration, i.e. in environment.rb

config.gem 'chargify_api_ares'

Now you'll have access to classes the interact with the Chargify API, such as:

  • Chargify::Product
  • Chargify::Customer
  • Chargify::Subscription

Check out the examples in the examples directory. If you're not familiar with how ActiveResource works, you may be interested in some ActiveResource Documentation

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