Chargify::Statement and Chargify::Subscription::Statement both exist #48

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I'm wondering if the existence of both classes (it's like this for Transaction, too) is intentional? I can't find a reason why yet am and wondering if it's just a namespace bug.

Not a huge deal for regular gem use, but if you try certain metaprogramming stuff (like a class_eval) it's a bit off.

Chargify member

Chargify::Statement is scoped by site. For example, you can do something like:

statement = Chargify::Statement.find(1234)

and it will return that statement, if it belongs to your site.

Chargify::Subscription::Statement is scoped by subscription. You could do:

statements = Chargify::Subscription::Statement.find(:all, params: {subscription_id: 987654})

and get all statements for that subscription. See the API docs at

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