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(ns browsercookie.core
(:require [ :as jdbc]
[ :as json]
[ :as shell]
[ :as io]))
(import (javax.crypto SecretKeyFactory Cipher KeyGenerator SecretKey)
(javax.crypto.spec IvParameterSpec PBEKeySpec SecretKeySpec))
(defn build-decryption-key
"Given a chrome raw key, construct a decryption key for the cookies"
(let [salt (.getBytes "saltysalt")]
(-> (SecretKeyFactory/getInstance "pbkdf2withhmacsha1")
(.generateSecret (PBEKeySpec. raw-key salt 1003 128))
(SecretKeySpec. "AES"))))
(defn decrypt [aeskey text]
"Decrypt AES encrypted text given an aes key"
(let [ivsbytes (-> (repeat 16 " ") (clojure.string/join) (.getBytes))
iv (IvParameterSpec. ivsbytes)
cipher (Cipher/getInstance "AES/CBC/PKCS5Padding")
_ (.init cipher Cipher/DECRYPT_MODE aeskey iv)]
(String. (.doFinal cipher text))))
(defn is-encrypted?
"Returns true if the provided encrypted value (bytes[]) is an encrypted
value by Chrome that is, if it starts with v10"
(-> cookie
(String. "UTF-8")
(clojure.string/starts-with? "v10")))
(defn decrypt-cookie
"Given a cookie, return a cookie with decrypted value"
[aes-key cookie]
(-> cookie
(assoc :value
(if (is-encrypted? cookie)
;; Drop 3 removes leading "v10"
(->> cookie (:encrypted_value) (drop 3) (byte-array) (decrypt aes-key))
(-> cookie (:value))))
(dissoc :encrypted_value)))
(defn get-chrome-rawkey-osx
"Get the chrome raw decryption key using the `security` cli on OSX"
(-> (shell/sh "security" "find-generic-password" "-a" "Chrome" "-w" :out-enc "UTF-8")
(defn temp-file-copy-of
"Create a copy of file as a temp file that will be removed when
the program exits"
(let [tempfile ( "store" "db")]
(.deleteOnExit tempfile)
(io/copy (io/file file) (io/file tempfile))
(def cookies-file-osx
"Return the path to the cookie store on OSX"
(System/getProperty "user.home")
"/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Cookies"))
(defn -main
[& args]
(if (not= 1 (count args))
(.println *err* "Usage ./program <site-url>")
(let [site-url (first args)
aes-key (build-decryption-key (get-chrome-rawkey-osx))
db-spec {:dbtype "sqlite" :dbname (temp-file-copy-of cookies-file-osx)}
query (str "select * from cookies where host_key like '" site-url "'")
cookies (jdbc/query db-spec [query])]
(map (partial decrypt-cookie aes-key) cookies)))
(System/exit 0))))