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AWS IoT Workshop

Hands on workshop for Chariot Solutions' IoT on AWS Conference.

The workshop will use the Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 board with the MRK ENV shield.

Arduino MKR WiFi 1010

Arduino MKR ENV Shield

The ENV shield has a bunch of sensors

  • Atmospheric Pressure, ST LPS22HB
  • Temperature and Humidity, ST HTS221
  • Ambient Light LUX, Vishay TEMT6000X01
  • Ultraviolet Index (UVA UVB), VEML6075

MKR ENV library allows us to access the sensors through a common library

The workshop materials will walk through connecting the Arduino MKR 1010 to AWS IoT Core.

Kinesis Analytics

See KinesisAnalyticsExample/ for instructions on how to run the Kinesis Analytics exercise.

Device Shadows

Sample iOS and Arduino code for using device shadows can be found in the aws-mobile-iot repo.

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