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Spring Boot application for managing and commenting on various fast food restaurants
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Spring Boot application for managing, commenting on various fast food restaurants.

Front-end setup

To setup front-end dependencies you'll have to install node.js following up with grunt and bower.

First, download and install the latest stable version of node.js. After installation is complete, open command prompt, navigate to project root and run these commands in the following order (this will install grunt and bower):

npm install bower -g  # install bower globally
npm install grunt -g  # install grunt globally

After the installation is complete, you will have to initialize the project and download all the required dependencies. To do so once again navigate to project root via the command prompt and type in the following commands:

npm install
bower install

Thats it, the front-end part of the project should now have all the required files ready for development.

Front-end developing (unfinished)

After the initial setup is complete, you will have to run some cpmmands in order to concat the javascript files you'll be creating, to do so open command prompt, navigate to project root and first initialize the project:

grunt init    # build project directory structure

Once initialization if complete, you can start watching for file changes and start developing.

grunt watch   # watch for file changes
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