Wordpresslib is a wrapper to post to a Wordpress blog in Python. Started by Michele Ferretti. This version adds support for tags (keywords).
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WordPress Python Library

A simple python library for WordPress (XML-RPC interface).

The following methods are supported:

  • Publishing new post (title, body, tags, categories, custom fields…)
  • Editing old post
  • Publishing draft post
  • Deleting post
  • Changing post categories
  • Getting blog and user informations
  • Upload multimedia files like movies or photos
  • Getting last recents post
  • Getting last post
  • Getting Trackbacks of post
  • Getting Pingbacks of post


import wordpresslib

url = "http://www.mysite.com/wordpress/xmlrpc.php"

wp = wordpresslib.WordPressClient(url, 'username', 'password')


post = wordpresslib.WordPressPost()

post.title = 'Title'
post.description = 'Content'
post.tags = ["wordpress", "lib", "python"]

# Set to False to save as a draft
idPost = wp.newPost(post, True)


Very happy to have contributions to this project. Please write tests for any new features and always ensure the current tests pass.

License: GNU/GPL


This project has been started by Michele Ferretti in 2005.

Original project was here: