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c9c1eb0 @ciaranj Adding basic readme.
ciaranj authored
1 node-oauth
2 ===========
2bf33d1 @ciaranj Added a method to access protected resources.
ciaranj authored
3 A simple oauth API for node.js . This API allows users to authenticate against OAUTH providers, and thus act as OAuth consumers
d7d5cfb @ciaranj Bumping the version
ciaranj authored
5 Tested against both Twitter (, ( and Yahoo!
6b7b8f3 @ciaranj Added in some basic (but working) OAuth2 support
ciaranj authored
09d613c @ciaranj Bumping to 0.7.3 oauth 2 now sending a Content-Length header of 0 to
ciaranj authored
7 Also provides rudimentary OAuth2 support, tested against facebook connect and github. For more complete usage examples please take a look
8 at express-auth (
24bcc8c @ciaranj Updated the notes to demonstrate the 0.7.0 change was breaking :(
ciaranj authored
10 Change History
11 ==============
ebcf1c2 @ciaranj Weird, found a missing argument that I could swear I'd put in previou…
ciaranj authored
12 * 0.7.6 - Added in oauth_verifier property to getAccessToken required for 1.0A
171b6d4 @ciaranj Bumping version to 0.7.5, adding a top-level main file to ease
ciaranj authored
13 * 0.7.5 - Added in a main.js to simplify the require'ing of OAuth
6942f60 @ciaranj Bumping version 0.7.4
ciaranj authored
14 * 0.7.4 - Minor change to add an error listener to the OAuth client (thanks troyk)
15 * 0.7.3 - OAuth 2 now sends a Content-Length Http header to keep nginx happy :)
16 * 0.7.2 - Fixes some broken unit tests!
17 * 0.7.0 - Introduces support for HTTPS end points and callback URLS for OAuth 1.0A and Oauth 2 (Please be aware that this was a breaking change to the constructor arguments order)
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