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GUI for Bullhorn's dataloader.
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DataloaderGUI is a GUI application that interfaces with the Bullhorn Dataloader. Currently it is just an external application that is functioning as a proof of concept of a potential addition to the main dataloader project. This is intended to gather a lot of feedback as to what the GUI should/shouldn't do.



There are many ways to contribute to dataloaderGUI.

Quick Start

  1. Dowload the latest release of dataloaderGUI
  2. Extract the contents into your dataloader folder.
  3. Doubleclick dataloaderGUI.jar to run the program.
  4. Click Edit > Properties
  5. Adjust the information as necessary
  6. Press Apply.
  7. Select your CSV file
  8. Press Load!
  9. Your CSV file should now be loaded!

Questions, Concerns, and Feature Request

  • Please create an issue or send me an email if you have feedback to give

created by Charles Barnes

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