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Udacity Neighborhood Map Project

Do you like eating out but don't enjoy paying full price? Find deals on the fly, try it out here: (

Instructions to run app

  • Open index.html
  • Click on the compass or location finder button to pinpoint your location
  • Proceed to search in the search bar beneath the location finder to find deals near you
  • Click on the location marker for more info about the place or filter the listings to your choice
  • Venue ratings, directions and contact inforamtion are available to help you get your deal


  • Autocomplete deal location search
  • Search produces top thirty results near your requested location
  • Filter deals by restaurant name or type (Please note, filtering by type is not extremely reliable as it uses the "deal tags" provided in the Groupon API response that aren't very descriptive. Try searching for tags such as "restaurants" and "pizza" for best results. Filtering by name should work great.)
  • Integrated list view links to corresponding map marker on click
  • Mobile friendly view hides list and search bar until you need it
  • Re-center your map if you stray too far
  • Venue ratings (if available) help you decide whether the restaurant is a go or a no!

Resources Used

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