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ATTENTION: this repo is no longer maintained, I don't use st anymore, and have switched to uxterm.

This is a fork of the excellent st terminal by Suckless (most recently based on st-0.8.1). st is configured by forking and applying appropriate patching and source modifications. This repository constitutes my personal configuration of st.

Changes From the Default:

st displaying a gnuplot test to demonstrate sixel graphics support

st displaying a gnuplot test to demonstrate sixel graphics support

  • All scrollback patches have been applied.
  • The colorscheme has been set to gruvbox.
  • The font has been set to gohufont.
  • The cursor has been configured to be a red I-beam style.
  • Experimental support for sixel graphics has been added. There are several known issues:
    • Entering clear causes all sixels to be deleted from scrollback.
    • Rendering sixel graphics may cause unusual cursor placement, this is not specific to this variant of st - the same issue is present in the xterm implementation. This is likely an issue of sixel height not being detected correctly.
  • Preliminary support for some additional control sequences has been added, namely OSC 11 and 10 with more planned.
  • CSI S and T escape behavior has been modified to fix a bug where S or T escapes would sometimes cause lines to be deleted from the scrollback buffer.


Almost all of the code in this repository is not my work, but the work of the suckless engineering team (see or other members of the suckless community. This code is used with permission as defined in the suckless license.

Sixel-graphics related code was taken from this diff and modified. This looks like it has some GPL licensed code in it, so you should probably consider my fork to be GPL also.

All modifications that constitute my own own original work are (c) 2018 Charles Daniels, All Rights Reserved, and may be considered available under the terms of the suckless license.

See Also

The original README file for st may be viewed in the file orig_README.