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Don't Forget


Never get caught in the rain without an umbrella again! Don't Forget gives you timely notifications - customized to your daily routine - in three categories: weather, tasks/errands, and birthdays. These convenient reminders deliver essential data to make your life simpler.


Weather reminders utilize data from the Weather Underground API and provide the essential info you need before you leave the house - likelihood of rain or snow, current, and daily high temps. Clicking through from the notification to the app itself gives you a complete view of current conditions, hourly forecasts (36 hours), and daily forecasts (10 days). The user can also switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius at any time. The most recent weather data is saved locally so that it is available without waiting for a refresh, even when the device is offline.

Weather data is based on the device's current location, or if the user prefers, the app can use a manually-entered location instead. The app provides autocomplete location suggestions when a static location is being entered. If use of the phone's location has been disabled and a manually-entered location has not yet been provided, the user is notified and directed to the Settings screen.


Task reminders are designed for time-sensitive errands. Need to mail a rent check on your way to work? No problem, add a "Before Work" reminder. Need to call your doctor during the day to schedule an appointment? Set a "Lunchtime" reminder. You can also choose "On the Way Home" for errands you need to run when you head out from work, and "Evening" for chores to do later. You can customize the time of day associated with each of those labels - set them once, then enjoy the simplicity of picking from four clear labels each time you create a task.

The times associated with each of the four time-of-day labels can be changed at any time via the Settings screen. On the tasks screen, when a task is checked off it automatically moves below the imcomplete tasks in the list. It can be unchecked, or removed by tapping the refresh icon in the toolbar. Task are saved to a local database and persist from session to session.


Birthday reminders connect seamlessly to your Google Contacts and make sure you never miss a chance to send a friend or loved one your best wishes. The notification arrive automatically and include each person's age so you can customize a birthday greeting. You can also easily add and update your contacts' birthdays right from the app - no need to open a separate contacts manager. Don't want to be reminded of some contacts' birthdays? No problem, easily turn birthday notifications on and off by person with a single tap.

The app provides autocomplete suggestions of your contacts' names when searching for a contact to update a birthday. Birthdays can be entered with or without a year, simply by checking or unchecking the "include year" box on the birthday input screen. If a year is not provided, the contact's age is gracefully omitted from notifications and the birthdays screen.

Technical Details

The three main screens - weather, tasks, and birthdays - are displayed via Fragments in a ViewPager and navigation is performed via swipe or by tapping the TabLayout. The floating action button belongs to the main activity, and fades in and out based on which fragment is active. Similarly, the on-click behavior of the floating action button and the refresh toolbar button vary automatically according to which fragment is active. There is also a settings screen which utilizes the Preference widgets provided by the Android SDK.

This app uses two different APIs from Weather Underground, the weather data API, and the location autocomplete API. The device location is gathered from the Google API Client asynchronously, then is used as a paramater in calls to the weather data API. Those are made in a Sync Adapter; the results are parsed via Retrofit, and are then saved to a database.

When this is complete, the sync adapter uses the Content Resolver to notify the Content Observer listening in the UI thread. The UI thread then queries the database and updates views, using Picasso to populate the weather icons via url. Hourly and daily weather forecast data are displayed in horizontally-scrolling Recycler Views within the vertically-scrolling weather fragment.

The manual location entry feature in settings uses an Async Task to repeatedly call the autocomplete API and suggest matches. All Settings changes are persisted to Shared Preferences. This was accomplished by extending the AutoCompleteTextView class and including a

The task items are saved to the Realm database. New tasks are entered in an Alert Dialog which repurposes two Number Picker objects to select date and time of day. The four time of day options (before work, lunchtime, on the way home, and evening) are specified in a Java Enum. The preference widget to set the user preferences for these four times is an extension of the DialogPreference class using the TimePicker widget.

Birthdays are gathered from the Contacts Provider in an Async Task and persisted to the Realm database along with user notification preference for each contact. Birthdays can be added/edited right in the app, again via the Contacts Provider. Searching through contacts is done via another extension of AutoCompleteTextView, and a customized DatePicker.

Notifications are achieved via two IntentService classes. The first is a scheduler that uses the Alarm Manager to schedule executions of the second class - the notification service - according to the user's time of day preferences. The notification service gathers relevant data from Realm and launches Big Text Style notifications including only the items that are relevant at that date and time.


Don't Forget - an Android reminder app providing notifications for weather, tasks, and birthdays



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