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Welcome to Brunch

Getting Started

  • Install node/npm. Installers from work great.
  • Install brunch: npm install -g brunch
  • Update local npm packages: cd {PATH/TO/HERE}; npm install
  • Start brunch: brunch watch --server

You can now visit http://localhost:3333/index.html to load the app.

Things To Change

Now that you have the app running, here are the basic things you should change to get your app started:

  • Change title
  • Add loading screen
  • Setup info in package.json

About the Cache Manifest

This app is served with an app cache manifest. The manifest is updated everytime you modify a file. The default Application object contains code that will check the manifest for updates. Note that when you refresh the page, the old version of your app will load first. Once the app code detects an updated manifest it will refresh the page again automatically to load the new code.