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build and testing environments as code tool: Dockerised build and testing environments made easy

The sales pitch

  • Consistent, fast, repeatable, isolated builds and test runs everywhere: your computer, your colleagues' computers and on CI
  • Manage dependencies for integration and end-to-end testing with ease
  • No installation required, only dependencies are Bash, Docker (v17.06+) and curl* - onboard new team members in minutes
  • Works with any language or framework, your existing CI system, and your chosen language's existing tooling
  • Take advantage of existing Docker images to get started quickly

* at the moment, a JVM is also required, but this requirement will be removed before v1.0



All documentation is available on the documentation site. Highlights include:

If you prefer watching videos to reading documentation, you can also watch Charles introduce batect and the rationale behind it at the Evolution by ThoughtWorks conference.


Please open an issue on GitHub if you run into a problem, or you can also email me your feedback.

You can see what new features and improvements are planned in the roadmap.


Thank you to the following people for their bug reports, pull requests, suggestions and feedback, in alphabetical order:

Thank you to YourKit for providing a complimentary copy of the YourKit profiler.