Obscura, a unique 3D shadow-based puzzle game built in Unreal Engine by Charles Wang, Mohamad Moneimne, and Rachel Hwang
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A 3D puzzle/explorer created in Unreal Engine 4.

Watch the full demo video here.


Obscura is a unique, artistic puzzle game designed to challenge the player with a novel light-based mechanic, while also treating them to lush, environments and enigmatic machines that invite exploration and peaceful, meditative play. The premise is simple -- the player is a shadow searching for its lost caster. While navigating the environment, the player can only walk in the shadows and must avoid sunlit areas.

However the player soon discovers a compass-like device which allows them to change the position of a light source in the sky, changing the angle at which the environment is lit, thus casting different shadows and revealing new potential paths. This mechanic allows for unique puzzles that require little exposition or set up to enjoy, and contributes to the mysterious air of the experience. Players are intended to feel powerful, with the ability to move the sun in the sky, but also full of wonder at the enigmatic, but beautiful environment and the novel method of interacting with the world.

The relative minimalism makes the existing elements especially powerful, unencumbered by unnecessary features, exposition or UI. As much as possible, the game relies on visual cues to guide the player to their destination in an unintrusive way. Although the goal of the game is to reach a particular endpoint, the sprawling level design and deliberate lack of health-bars or progress meters encourages exploration. Obscura is a rare treat, a puzzler promoting a peaceful, meditative play.