CMPS 401 HTML5 Project ~ You can now download WePaint and run it locally!!!
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Welcome to the GitHub for We Paint!

You can now download We Paint and run it locally! Get it here:
Installation Directions:
 1. Uncompress. This will create a `wepaint-local` directory.
 2. Open the `wepaint-local` directory. In it you'll find an index.html file.
 3. Open the index.html file in an HTML5 compatible browser and you're playing!

Main folder descriptions follow:

Folder for old files or snippets of code that are no longer in use but may be
needed again someday.

All document files should go in this directory. This means that this directory
will most likely be like 95% .doc and .ppt files. Please avoid using the newer
word formats (.docx or .pptx) so that we can ensure compatibility with the
teacher and other students. If you use any images in your documents then they
should be placed in the /resources/ directory, not in here.

This directory is for just all other files and will probably not really be used
very much. Basically just miscellaneous items that don't fit anywhere else
should go in here. Keepin' it organized u no?

This directory should contain an exact working copy of the exact structure of
our website and nothing more. This file is the only exception to that rule. If
you put a file in here then it should be pretty much immediately uploaded via
SFTP to the server's public_html folder and if a file exists on the server then
it should also definitely be in here. Our website can be found at (used to be that <=, it's now this

The resources directory is primarily for the source files to some of our custom
images. However, we should also be sure to put any of the images that we use in
our PowerPoint files in here as well as just any other picture that we will be
editing or just using in some way for our project.