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Sunburnt is a Python-based interface for working with the Apache Solr search engine.

It was written by Toby White for use in the Timetric platform.

Please send queries/comments/suggestions to the mailing list.

Bugs can be filed on the issue tracker.

It's tested with Solr 1.4.1 and 3.1; previous versions were known to work with 1.3 and 1.4 as well.

Full documentation can be found at



Strongly recommended

  • mx.DateTime

    Sunburnt will happily deal with dates stored either as Python datetime objects, or as mx.DateTime objects. The latter are preferable, having better semantics and a wider representation range. They will be used if present, otherwise sunburnt will fall back to Python datetime objects.

  • pytz

    If you're using native Python datetime objects with Solr (rather than mx.DateTime objects) you should also have pytz installed to guarantee correct timezone handling.

Optional (only to run the tests)

  • nose <>_


Forked by Károly "Charles" Nagy to add some essential feature for other projects.

Range facets:

Every range field can be set separately in order to fulfill the requirements. The facet_ranger.update() method takes a dictionary with the field names and the essential parameters (start, end and gap)


from sunburnt import SolrInterface
si = SolrInterface('http://some.url:8983/solr/')
si = si.query('Query')
si = si.facet_ranger.update({
		{'range.start': 1, 'range.end': 99999, '': 5000}

[More info](< "Range facet support for sunburnt")

Spatial index:

Spatial filtering is now available through sunburnt with filter_spatial function.


from sunburnt import SolrInterface
SOLR_URL = 'http://some.url:8983/solr/'
_s = SolrInterface(SOLR_URL)
_s = _s.query('*')
_s = _s.filter_spatial(latlon=(47.4775899,18.8108992), distance=10)

Order by distance:

_s = _s.filter_spatial(latlon=(47.4775899,18.8108992), distance=10).sort_by('score')

To have the distance in fields you need to add .field_limit(score=True)

_s = _s.filter_spatial(latlon=(47.4775899,18.8108992), distance=10).field_limit(score=True).sort_by('score')

Note: In Solr 3.x in order to be able to retrieve the distance as score the following workaround is necessary in

if self.qgeodist:
	'q': '{!func}geodist()',

For more info:

@TODO As a side effect parameters passed in query() will be lost, filter() works properly.

@TODO make geodist function flaggable when calling the filter_spatial

Stats Component

StatsComponent is now available with stats function.

More info:


from sunburnt import SolrInterface

si = SolrInterface(SOLR_URL)
si = si.query('*')
si = si.stats(fields=['price', ])
_r = si.execute()
print _r.stats_counts.stats_fields

Dataimport handler:

I had to trigger the dataimporter delta-import command from the code so I added support for this function.


from sunburnt import SolrInterface
SOLR_URL = 'http://some.url:8983/solr/'
_s = SolrInterface(SOLR_URL)
_response = _s.dataimport('status')
print _response.import_status

You can find me on Twitter, My Blog or LinkedIn

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