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Git Training

Does this look familiar?


Sadly it's not that far from the truth for many users of Git, and doesn't always improve with more exposure.

One analogy could be made with the following comic.

In this case each blind man could represent a different Git command. By just running the commands, there are a number of cases where what you think Git is doing is not what it's actually doing.

In particular this often involves commands relating to branches, and pushing/pulling from a remote server.

This material is not intended to teach advanced Git (eg. run git magic --hard --all and you'll be more 100x more productive). The aim is to focus on a few critical aspects of Git that can often cause the most amount of confusion.


Everything in this guide assumes some form of terminal/command-line with git installed.

For Windows this means Git for Windows, ideally in the msysgit terminal and not Windows Cmd. If you're not sure try running ls, cd or cat, the examples make some use of these commands.

No GUIs.


  1. Getting started


  1. Commits
  2. Master and HEAD
  3. Branches


  1. Remotes
  2. Pull
  3. Push